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Dope test conducted by ICC on Indian player Mohammed Shami

Dope test conducted by ICC on Indian player Mohammed Shami

Here, today the Indian player Mohammed Shami is picked and selected for the dope test conducted by the ICC before the India Vs South Africa match. It randomly picks any one player from Indian team in tournament for testing that the player doesn’t consume drugs or any of such products which gives cricketer immense energy for playing the match and which is wrong according to the ethics of cricket. Today on 20th February 2015, he is been picked to face the following examination. The dope test is conducted for around 3 hours and the results will be out in 24 hours. Mohammed Shami, the fast bowler known as Indian cricketer is been chosen by the Indian Cricket Council for the following doping test. They take this following step against using drugs in sports. A step to protect the integrity of cricket sports all over the world, also to guard the health and fitness of sportsmen and keep the sports game away and completely risk free from doping.  This is very long process. If Shami fails to clear this, he will be out of the Indian cricket team. On the other hand, if he clears the exam he will be allowed to play the further world cup matches.

Dope test conducted by ICC on Indian player Mohammed Shami

The ICC has taken this decision before the team plays match with South Africa on 22nd of February 2015. The International Anti-Doping Agency tests the samples in the Dope testing laboratory after which the results are announced. Along with the dope control officials Dr. Abhijit Salve helps them in the process.

The WADA code says that in the 5.1 article includes that “Any subject of the law in the competition testing in 15.1 articles, each organisation of national anti-Doping should have testing laws for all the sportsmen who includes in that NADO of country or the person related to residents, members who are part of the sports organisation of the country”.

We would like to share incidents where Shane Warne in the 2003 World Cup was tested positive for taking drugs so he was returned to home from the Globe trophy.

The following are the function which includes in this doping examination process

  1. The Code
  2. Whereabouts
  3. Therapeutic Use Exemptions
  4. Testing & Results Management
  5. Education & Resources

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