Dolly ki Doli movie (third) 3rd day Sunday box collection

Sonam Dolly ki Doli movie (third) 3rd day Sunday box collection

The movie is not able to perform great on the cinema counters because of the tough competition with the baby film. Dolly ki Doli has collected revenue of 3.5 crores. Sonam Kapoor is back again with this following film. She is back with a bang with same look and appearance but with a different character and story on the silver screen. The movie hit the cinema theatres on 23rd January with baby. The movies compared to baby dint receive much appreciation but as the film includes many actors. All the fans of four actors made a huge audience to come to watch the picture. She is able to entertain on a average level but better than her previous movie. If we talk about the performance of the actors they have done a great job making the audience laughing on the scenes. This is a romantic flick with many comedy moments in it. Akshay baby is leading the cinema counters but dolly on other hands made a good revenue on its second day where on this Sunday it was expected more than it earned on this day 25/1/2015.

Dolly ki Doli movie (third) 3rd day Sunday box collection

Sonam Dolly ki Doli movie 3rd day Sunday box collection

The movie had a decent start on it first day with gathering 2.5 crore of income. Arbaz khan has produced this film and invested a great amount on its promotion. The movie was expected more than this as there are fine actors chose to play the different characters in the movie. First of all the famous chuchha as Varun Sharma in his previous film, Rajkumar, pulkit samrat and sonam are in the lead role of picture. The viewers were entertained by the great songs of Babaji ka thullu and Phatte tak nachna. The film has occupied about 70 percent of its Sunday shows. The main drawback is that it has released in few theatres all over India but it’s great according to the budget of the film. It released approximately in 1500 to 2000 theatres all over the world. The film has earn 5.5 crore in its first two days. On the third day of its 1st weekend it made a profit of 3.5 crores as mentioned above. So it makes a total Box office Collection report of 9 crores in the 3 days. It would have earned better but it lacked because of the tough fight on cinema counters with baby.

This was the total weekend business and income of third day by the flick till 25th of January 2015.

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