Dolly ki Doli film review, ratings, response, box collection

The romantic comedy Dolly ki Doli moive review, star ratings, public response, box office collection are mentioned here

The movie starring Sonam Kapoor as the single female among the other three male actors Rajkumar rao, Varun sharma, Pulkit samrat have played an entensive role with adding the flavour of comedy and romance. Sonam Kapoor as the ‘Looteri Dulhan’ in the movie as portrayed and justified the character on an average basis. The movie is directed by Abhishek dogra with its debut in Bollywood as director. Dolly ki Doli review: The actor of ranjhana picture dhanush friend Mr. Mohammed ayyub plays a role of raju who is in love with Sonam but he knows he can’t be with her as she believes in robbing people after getting married with them. So, he became the part of her fake family as her brother and Manoj joshi as his daddy. The another Pulkit plays a role of cop like the Salman khan Dabang character, justifies to a great extent as his name is Robin Singh. According to us the film journal speaks about the most interesting character in the film ‘Rajkumar’ playing a Haryana guy who not only have a good harayana accent but also matches his body movements and the attitude he carries following the character. He is fun to watch in the whole movie as he can do everything for the one girl he loves. Archan Singh plays a role of mom of sonam who handles and take all the decision of household work. But Sonam here is the only girl who break and go beyond her decision as his son varun sharma is in love with her. After the movie Analysis, only the flaw which is seen is that it didn’t had a good climax. But you can go to watch the movie for the performances of all the actors.

Dolly ki Doli film review, ratings, response, box collection

Dolly ki Doli movie star ratings, Public Response, Box Office Collection

The flick have received a 2.5 stars out of the 5 ratings. These film loosed some entertainment in the interval but again because of some comedy drama it makes it interesting. It deserves a 2.5 brilliant ranking for the moving picture produced under Arbaz Khan Productions. Because of some flaws it loose to make the other left 2.5 astronomical scores out of 5.

The audience reaction to the film was very optimistic and they really liked the moving with suggesting other people to watch the moving picture. When the audience came out of the cinema theatres they were happy watching the comedy film expressing their views in one line ‘Paisa vasool’.

The film was able to earn a Box office Collection of 8.9 crores on its 1st day that is Friday, the opening day of movie released. The flick was screened over 3000 cinema theatres with a 60% of occupancy on its shows. The above following was the business report of this movie.

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