Dolly ki Doli 6th day (sixth) Wednesday box office collection

Sonam Kapoor Dolly ki Doli 6th day (sixth), Wednesday box office collection, business and Income Report

Dolly ki Doli is Arbaz Khan production film which gross a box office collection of 1.6 crores on 6th day. The movie is romantic comedy which will make you keep laughing on the cinema seats. The movie cast is Varun Sharma, Rajkumar rao, pulkit smart and Sonam Kapoor. All these actors have done a fantastic work in the film which attracted much of the audience to the cinema theatres. The film is surviving in competition with the baby film but still it is making a good collection by receiving good response from the audience. The movie will cover its invested production amount in next two days and then the later earned money will be the profit of the flick. Audience like the film till the climax but according to the report the climax of the move is not so interesting. The first half is very interesting which keeps the viewers to keep sitting on the seats of theatres while watching the show. It has some different flavor in it. The movie made its promotion on a large basis and so it is able to make such a good amount. It has promoted himself on the comedy night with kapil show and also promoted its trailer on many entertainment sites.

Dolly ki Doli 6th day (sixth), Wednesday box office collection

The movie till the end entertains the audience and as you all know viewers are the kings of cinema as pictures are made for them and it is hit or flop is also decided by them only. Sonam Kapoor is able to make his mark in the film and even rajkumar like his previous film citylights, Shahid is again making a mark from his acting performances. So, you don’t need to get shocked by the collection of 6th day as it made on the basis of its own hard work and marketing of film. Varun Sharma on the other side win the audience in making them smile whenever he appears on the silver screen. So, the movie with releasing on nearly 1700 big cinema screens was able to collect 1.6 crores on Wednesday that is sixth day of 28th January 2015.  This amount now will be added in the total box office collection of this film.

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