Dolly ki Doli 2nd day (second), Saturday business, income report

Here’s Sonam romantic comedy Dolly ki Doli movie 2nd day (second), 1st Saturday business, Income Box Collection

Dolly movie is been going really well on the box office but because of the competition with baby movie earnings so it is able to collect less revenue. Baby movie have got better review than this film as it is because it has a good story than Sonam Kapoor flick. The movie is able to earn a profit of rupees 3.5 crores on second day Saturday. Sonam Kapoor has received a mix response from critics whereas the other actors are also appreciated for their performances in the movie. This film has earned less amount than her previous flick Khoobsurat. According to the trade figure it has earned a revenue of about 3.5 crores whereas the producer figure say 2.8 crores. It was able to have more viewwers in the parts of north India and it was not able to perform well on other places. The movie was not able to have a decent start because of high competition with Baby. Rajkumar rao film is released over 1500 screens all over whereas baby is screened on 3000 screens. It is made in a budget of 25 crores so it needs to earn at least this much of amount to get safe from loss. It stars 4 actors in lead Sonam, Rajkumar, Varun, Pulkit Samrat under the Arbaz khan production. She is a con woman who marries with different guys and rob all the money and jewellery on the first night of marriage is a one line which describes the story of the film. She is shown in many different costumes in the picture.

Dolly ki Doli 2nd day (second), Saturday business, Income Report

Sonam Dolly ki Doli 2nd day (second), Saturday Box office Collection

The answer of the question arising in your mind how much income or business it was able to make? It was capable to have a box office collection of 3.5 crores on the weekend 1st Saturday (24th January) according to the official report of trade analyst. The movie earned 2.88 crores on its first day Friday collection. So, it makes a total amount of 6.38 crores in 1st two days. This was the business revenue made on second day. The movie can have more income on 26th January 2015 as it’s the first weekend day and also a big festival day of Republic. The film impress the Indian audience and also the overseas fans of the included film actors.

This were all the information on 1st weekend day earnings of flick. Hope it makes more box office collection after first two days of release.

Review and response by Taran Adarsh

It has received 2.72 ratings out of 5. He review for film is, it is a simple entertainer that promise the audience to have laughter and fun. The movie constrict the screen play in the whole 1 hour and 40 minutes just because of the great Rajkumar and other 3 lead actor’s performances.

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