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{Do watch} Top 10 creatures you never knew existed

{Do watch} Top 10 unique creatures you never knew existed

Chinese giant salamander is unique salamander that grows up to an astonishing length of one hundred eighty centimetres. Many salamanders are between ten and twenty centimetres long, this rare giant is an unusual looking creature with its flat abroad ahead being home to live lives ice. Its skin is dark. Wrinkling and decorated with botchy spots. It weighs approximately thirty kilograms or sixty six pounds and it feeds on insects as well as other inhabitants of the wild water. It dwells in the Giants elementary normally lives in mountain streams, lakes and pollution are its major enemy. However, it is also frequently hunted as the Chinese see this rare creature as a delicacy.

The Gluck is Atlanta case is also known as the Blue Sea Dragon. This small sea slug typically ranging between five and eight centimetres in size is nicknamed a dragon due to its wonderful colours. The slug is majestic blue with silver highlights. Thanks to a gas filled sack in its stomach. The slug is able to float the sea beauty is usually found floating upside down on the surface in warm ocean waters across the planet.

Extinct in most parts of the globe, the Saigon antelope can still be found roaming about the steps of Russia. Cause extent and Mongolia has a very distinct feature it snows that helps us to easily recognize this rare creature. This Aloha has a comically oversized nose with a huge flexible nasal structure, capable of warming up the air before it reaches the lungs during cold winter months. The saga antelope prances about on for very long and very thin legs. Besides being able to regulate the warmth of the air it breeds. Beside it takes percussion during winter. It changes its golden coat to a white one which fits in nicely with the snowy surroundings.

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The Dumbo octopus was named after Disney’s beloved elevations because it’s unusually large feigns are reminiscent of the little elephant’s trademark years. Although, the Dumbo octopi inhabit all oceans of the world, they are rarely seen. Seeing is they dwell in the scary depths of up to twenty three thousand feet. Usually only eight inches in length. These little creatures can be found in red green or orange Keller’s and they have a life span of three to five years.

You might think that you’ve stumbled across a melted turtle while when you face a Kantor’s giant soft shelled turtle that has broad head, small eyes and smooth all of coloured characters unlike all its other relatives. This turtle doesn’t have an exterior shell. Instead of a shell, this strange giant has a rubber back. This gives it the appearance of being squished reaching the size of up to two metres. Kantor’s giant soft shelled turtles spend their days buried and motionless and inhabit slow moving water streams. In a whole day they surface two times to take one deep breath.

The Indian purple frogs have weird spherical looks. They have plump around bodies and big like nose is the head which is shaped like a cone is comparatively small when compared to the rest of the body. These strange looking creature having smooth skin and dark purple with the stomach having a glistening nuance of grey from about seven centimetres long and have short but very strong limbs that allow them to be fast and affective diggers. They’re rarely seen as they spend only two weeks above ground and you only.

The go lie if bird eater is according to the Guinness Book of Records, the largest spider in the world. This terentia lives in the rain forests of South Africa and is quite a frightening sight to see its legs can be as long as thirty centimetres. It weighs about one hundred seventy grams. The puppy size spider is large furry and dark brown and it can easily be mistaken for a mammal at first glance. The giant spider has frightening seven centimetre failing is a dud its name after it was caught devouring a hummingbird. It’s perfectly harmless to humans but still it will make you feel like scariest creatures you had faced.

The Panda Ants, the creature looks like a hairy ends with the hairs being held in such a way that resembles the colour patterns of a Chinese giant panda. The wasp is actually quite dangerous. Commonly known as the cow killer the Wasp has an extremely painful sting. The animal is nocturnal and is scarcely seen facing the light of day.

The peacock mantis shrimp is the one of the most captivating creatures to be found in the sea. It has a hard shelled body which draws a lot of attention. Bursting with shades of orange, blue, green and red, it’s a perfect colour splattered. However, alluring this creature is actually quite dangerous. It has powerful fraud clause which can deliver a deadly punch. More accurately, the lethal punch has the power of a gunshot. It punches right through the glass and this is the reason for which it is not kept in aquarium.

A lamp Ray is a Jolly’s fish which physically resembles an eel. They have large eyes. One nostril on the top of their head and vary in size from thirteen to one hundred centimetres. Still their trademark is the big deadly jock. The leper is actually a real life vampire, one that lives in fresh and coastal waters. They attach themselves to fish with their final like sucking mouth and they suck the blood right out of their prey. It is believe that they are over three hundred million years old. Despite their body structure failing to significantly evolve over time.

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