Dheere Dheere Video song in HD: Honey Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor (official)

Album music track: Dheere Dheere Video son in HD: Honey Singh, stars: Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor (official)

Yo Yo Honey Singh presents you a new brand album music i.e. Dheere Dheere video song starring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor in the lead roles. This is a new album song made in loving memory of the most successful singer Gulshan Kumar. The old music is recreated into a new melody by adding some latest instruments music and remaking it for the today’s era people. This jingle is been directed by one of the most successful choreographer Ahmed Khan. The solo album track features Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor in the lead part. The music is produced by T-series, India’s number one music company. You can listen the complete refrain on Humgama application of music and songs. This is old song which is recreated and remade by H.S. for the current era people. The 90’s era song “Dhire Dhire se meri zindagi mein ana” is been edited and remade by Yo Yo H.S. whereas it is picturised by Ahmed Khan. The recording and broadcasting of moving images and sound is done by Ahmed Khan and H.S. and is presented to you by Bhushan Kumar. The jingle is sung by Yo Yo H.S. whereas the lyrics are given by himself H.S. and Bhupinder Kaur. Evne the music part of the audio is given by H.S. The song is mix and mastered by Vinod Verma whereas the Digital Publicity and design is undertaken by RDM Goldstar. The music label is none other by T-series itself. The other details of the moving images or picturisation are explained below but do look at the video provided to you below for which you have visited here.

Dheere Dheere Video son in HD, Honey Singh, Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor (official)

I hope you must have watched the whole HD video song of Dhire Dhire where the refrain starts with a slow music introducing about the song details of direction, stars, music, recreated by. You cna see the video in HD different formats of 720p and 1080p in high definition. The videotape starts where S. Kapoor is sitting and enjoying on the stairs with his cool friends giving some flowers to his friends and working on some decoration. In the next scene Hrithik comes out of the hotel wearing a grey colour jacket, blazer and pant with while shirt in it and a goggle on the face. He is shown a business man in the music tape song. He walks from the place they are sitting without looking at them. Later on, she whistle loudly using a instrument and he look back at her. He removes his goggle and after looking at her smile walks away. The next shot includes a car entering a grand palace. He is shown following the lyrics and lip sing them wearing a blue jacket and white shirt. The lyrics now are in punjabi. In next sequence, he is shown remembering her moments of smile.

The other shot includes him sitting in the car and playing a song of Mithoon Chakraborty from the hugama app in iphone mobile. He then gets out of the car wearing a violet colour whoel set of blazer and pant, there he finds her walking with a cycle in her hand with her friends. He slow down as he look at her and say something to him, he turns back looking at her. She gives him a sign that the car is not good and her cycle is far better than it. He smiles when she says it in some action. Later on, the new track of modified old version is played adn a new scene where he clicks her photo from DSLR camera. She wears a nice costume of Pink and while top and bottom. Along with lipsing the lyrics he clicks her different pictures.

He is shown sitting on a sofa chair thinking about her and then he is displayed riding a small kid cycle while looks damn cute on him. She is sitting with her friends in a cafe type place and there he goes riding a blue colour cycle. He stops the cycle and start speaking on the call mean while she looks at him and even his eyes catches her. They give a hello gestures and smiles from far away to each other. She asked from by doing various action that why is he on cycle and whose cycle is it. He says it his mean while a kid comes and takes the cycle from him. She laughs loudly on him and then walks away. He is unable to find her as he goes near the place she sits and looks at a left card on that place. Party planners are the thing written on her visiting card. The next sequence includes Hrithik coming from upstairs in a big bungalow and there she is decorating the floor with flowers. He slows down as he looks at her from stairs. She ask him that is this his bungalow, he replies saying yes. After this, she picks up some chart papers goes out. She later on explains him how the decoration will be done and he keeps staring at her. In the next sequence he is shown picking some fruits from car and passing to others, there she comes but he ignores him by not replying on her questions and then chit chat with his friends. Here she is surprised at his behaviour. She click his picture and goes away. The moment she enters in the bungalow, she finds all his different pictures being decorated in a room.

She is surprised seeing all this and starts smiling. She remembers all the past moments and gets to know that it’s him who has done all this.  Next scene, he is shown following the lyrics and thinking about her that he sleeps and cry without her. She comes at the cafe place and here all people sitting on chairs stand up and welcome her and here he comes and dance for her by giving some beautiful steps saying come in his life slowly and wants to say her how much he loves her after meeting her.

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