DELHI POLLUTION- Taking toll on Delhi’s residents health


Alarming level of pollution in Delhi has led to an emergency situation in Delhi. Where the pollution level touched the level of 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) crossing the 900 mark in some locations which is almost 15 times the permissible level.

Anumita Roychowdhury, executive director, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said that this is the worst pollution spell that Delhi has witnessed so far. We will have to wait for the weather conditions to play up to save the city. The temperature is dipping and the mixing height, which means the dispersion of pollution particles in the air, is low. This is making the pollutant particles float in the air.

Such level of pollution is mainly due to crop burning in neighbouring States. Also due to heavy smog created due to fireworks during festival of Diwali which has eventually led to bad quality of air in Delhi. It’s an alarming situation for children’s, patients and elderly people in Delhi.

Kejriwal said that he and his committee are working towards it to bring the situation in control. Where he said they would re-bring the odd-even restriction. Also he has declared a holiday in schools for 3 days for the safety of children’s and banned the construction work for 5 days.



Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kerjerwal called up Cabinet Meeting at his residence to discuss the lucarative measures to curb the pollution levels in Delhi’s air.

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