(Day 5) Bigg Boss 9 Episode 6 of 16 October 2015 (Partner Exchange) | Written update

(Day 5) Bigg Boss 9 Episode 6 of 16 October 2015 (Partner Exchange) | Written update

(Day 5) Bigg Boss 9 Episode 6 of 16 October 2015 (Partner Exchange) starts with ‘Chote tera birthday aya” where Prince and other contestants start dancing. At morning 9.30 am everyone gets some surprise where Digangana birthday is celebrated as a gown is been sent for Digangana. Prince discuss about his childhood naughtiness to everyone sitting in living room. Then in morning 11 am, Roopal reads the notification sent by Bigg Boss. Vikas and Yuvika win the first captaincy and become first captain Jodi of BB9. BB also appreciates them by returning them their bags to Vikas and Yuvika for captaincy, Aman and Keshwar for best performer. At afternoon 1 pm, Rimi is seen washing the kitchen utensils. Vikas and Yuvika say Arvind and Ankit to throw the left food in dustbin. Then, Roopal and Digangana are seen gossiping about Ankit about his bad habits and the past time about their relationship etc. and while expressing this she starts crying.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 5, Episode 6 (16th October 2015) Written Update-Partner Exchange

Evening 4.15, Rimi discuss that she did not know about this entire thing. She thought that the food would be coming from canteen. After all this discussion, some people come outside in garden area where every starts dacing and garba where ‘Tu nathi toh taro photo pan chalse’, ‘Dhol baaje dham dham’ songs are played.

Snapdeal sent a message of happiness of Diwali deal. Everyone in garden area do this following activity, they are given to choose some electronic product from the Diwali sale offered by Snapdeal. They all get so happy with this. After 7 pm, Bigg Boss announce about everyone doing activities with your partners or Jodi. He speaks that you need to know your partners very well to make yourself strong. He gives a chance to change their partners that is partner exchange. Any 2 jodis or couple will be given chance to change their partners and that will be decided by the captains.

Every pair is given a chance to go to the captains and give a reason why they want to change their partner. Firstly, Mandana goes and speak to captains about her problem with partner Keith. Rimi decide to change her partner and go for Digangana or Ankit. Keith firstly decides not to change his partner but in 2 days he gets to know that she is not flexible and both have different thinking. Suyyash comes and speak that he always stands last in task because of Rimi so he wants to change his partner so he chooses Kishwer or Prince. Keith again comes and tells the captain to not change his partner because Mandana comes outside and say that Keith is positive during fights. Aman says that if Keshwar wants to change his partner so he has no proble. Roopal and Digangana decide to not change their partner. Even Arvind and Ankit don’t want to change their partners.

Vikas and Yuvika before all this are given a paper and now they are told to read this before taking decision. The notice include that Keshwar and Aman are not allowed to change their partner because they won as best performer, and no one is allowed to change partner with Vikas and Yuvika. Captain decides and announces the two pair who can change partner is Suyyash change with Prince and Rimi change with Rochelle.

At last, the contestants receive all the products ordered from Snapdeal Diwali Sale at night 10.30 pm. Keshwar is seen gossiping about Aman at 10.45 pm. The Sneak peek of this chapter was Partner Exchange. This way the Episode 6 of Bigg Boss 9 season Double Trouble (Day 5) ends on 16 October 2015 where the most watchable part was the “Partner Exchange”. This was the written update form Worldsbuzz. Please give rating to our article and like our page- {Click here BB9}. Tomorrow see Salman Khan in Double Trouble on weekend.

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