Courier Boy Kalyan movie review, rating, Telugu movie Nithin

Courier Boy Kalyan Telugu movie review, rating are shared with the acting performance of Nithin Kumar Reddy, Yami Gautam, Ashutosh Rana, Nassar and Richa Gangopadhyay is also re-examine. The film has received around 3.2 star rating out of the total 5 rating on released date 17th September 2015. It also includes actors like Satyam Rajesh and Ravi Prakaash and they have done a great job in justifying the film characters played by them. Motion picture made under direction of Prem Sai has done a brilliant job by making such an interesting film which has all sorts of drama and emotions in it. The film re-evaluation speaks all thriller laced with a mixture of commercial elements where a courier boy with name Kalyan gets into trouble while parcelling a product to given destination. Film after re-assess describes many positive points about the film such as the cinematography is excellent as all the asset and living things on the screen looks complete. The songs included in the film are successful in entertaining audience. This a romantic film where you will get to see amazing chemistry between Nithin Kumar and Yami Gautam. Gautham Menon has chosen a right script to invest money as this movie is definitely liked by the audience. The audience response on this film was seen in the trailer itself but now it will make a record by earning a great box office collection. Read below for more detail information.

Courier Boy Kalyan movie review, rating (Telugu movie) Nithin, Yami

Courier Boy Kalyan Telugu movie review, rating, Nithin, Yami

The story of this feature Telugu movie is successful in appealing the viewers by receiving 3.2 star ranking form critics. The film premier show that is one day before release describes that the flick has great romantic scene and the way director has brought up the romantic scenes makes the movie beautiful. Looking at the acting performance of the star cast, all the actors have justified their characters and bud the film on another level. After we check, motion picture has effective dialogues that make the screenplay more effective and meaningful for the public. The re-consideration also says that editing part is smoothly done by Praveen Pudi that makes the moving picture go in a flow.

The 3.2 star mark are given on the basis of the flick which is successful in surprising viewers after every 20 to 30 minutes as some or the other twist keeps on coming and that’s the best part the film. It doesn’t let go the viewer’s interest from it. The way a dispatch rider Kalyan character played by Nitin falls gets into a big problems and over come to it in the climax is very appealing for the viewers. The audience review is 70% positive along with 3.2 star score and very less of them gave a pessimist reaction. Some of them have given 3.5 stars ranking to it.

So, the points discussed in the re-evaluation and evaluations are cinematography, acting performance, editing section, dialogues, screenplay, story, critics view and public response. Now, the final verdict for this motion picture is its interesting and all of you should go for it and it will entertain you from the music, songs and effective story.

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