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CCL 2015 Schedule, Fixtures, Timetable, Squads, Venues, Timings

This league of Cricket is been played by the Indian Bollywood and other Film stars. The league of Cricket for Celebrity is organised every year. This Celebrity Cricket League is known as CCL. This will be fifth coming season of this league. The players in this Cricket league are non-professional players. The CCL was firstly started in the year of 2011. This tournament matches of CCL 2015 will be starting from month of January 10th and ending on February 1, 2015. The matches are decided to be held on every Saturday and Sunday. Let us inform you that the CCL Celebrity Cricket League 2014 was won by Karnataka Bulldozers by defeating the Kerala Strikers in the final match. Here the team are been classified on the basis of different regional film industries that is Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Bengali and many others. In this, there are total 8 participant’s teams which are divided in two Groups A and B. The Group A includes 4 teams which are Bengal Tigers, Telugu Warriors, Karnataka Bulldozers and Bhojpuri Dabbangs whereas the Group B includes Mumbai Heroes, Veer Marathi, Kerala Strikers and Chennai Rhinos.

CCL 2015 Schedule, Fixtures, Timetable, Squads, Venues, Timings

CCL 2015 Schedule, Fixtures, Timetable, Squads, Venues, Timings

Celebrity Cricket League {CCL} 2015 Schedule, Fixtures, Timetable

The Group or Pool A and B have respectively 4 teams which will be playing firstly with one another in group and then the two team from each group will be going for semi-final. Then the left one team from each group or pool will go for final match on 1st February 2015. Here we will provide you the following CCL 2015 Fixtures which are as follows:-

______________________________________________________________________Match 1, 10th January 2015

Mumbai Heroes versus Veer Marathi at {2.30 pm, MUMBAI (CCI)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 2, 10th January 2015

Bengal Tigers versus Bhojpuri Dabanggs at {7.00 pm, MUMBAI (CCI)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 3, 11th January 2015

Chennai Rhinos versus Kerala Strikers at {2.30 pm, Hyderabad (Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 4, 11th January 2015

Telugu Warriors versus Karnataka Bulldozers at {7.00 pm, Hyderabad (Lal Bah. Shastri Stadium)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 5, 17th January 2015

Mumbai Heroes versus Kerala Strikers at {2.30 pm, DELHI (Feroz Shah Kotla)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 6, 17th January 2015

Bhojpuri Dabanggs versus Telugu Warriors at {7.00 pm, DELHI (Feroz Shah Kotla)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 7, 18th January 2015

Chennai Rhinos versus Veer Marathi at {2.30 pm, BANGALORE (Chinna Swammy)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 8, 18th January 2015

Karnataka Bulldozers versus Bengal Tigers at {7.00 pm, BANGALORE (Chinna Swammy)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 9, 24th January 2015

Telugu Warriors versus Bengal Tigers at {2.30 pm, Kochi (Nehru Stadium)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 10, 24th January 2015

Kerala Strikers versus Veer Marathi at {7.00 pm, Kochi (Nehru Stadium)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 11, 25th January 2015

Mumbai Heroes versus Chenaai Rhinos at {2.30 pm, Ahmedabad (Sardar Patel)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 12, 25th January 2015

Bhojpuri Dabanggs versus Karnataka Bulldozers at {7.00 pm, Ahmedabad (Sardar Patel)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 13, 31st January 2015 (Semi Final Match)

Group A-1 versus Group B-2 at {2.30 pm, Hyderabad (Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 14, 31st January 2015 (Semi Final Match)

Group A-2 versus Group B-1 at {7.00 pm, Hyderabad (Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium)}

______________________________________________________________________Match 15, 1st February 2015 (Final Match)

Group A versus Group B at {7.00 pm, Hyderabad (Lal Bahadur ShastriStadium)}


These were the above Celebrity Cricket League 2015 Timetable. The final match of CCL 2015 will be held at Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium in Hyderabad.

{CCL} Celebrity Cricket League 2015 Squads, Players, Teams

The following are Squads of all teams of CCL 2015:-____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) Telugu Warriors Squads 2015 are-

(Sachiin J Joshi, Suresh Babu – Owner

Chamundeshwaranath – Mentor

Vanka Pratap – Coach

Venkateshwarulu – Physio)

______________________________________________________________________Srikanth – Batsman (Captain)

Prince – All Rounder

Dharam – All Rounder

Vishwa – All Rounder

Harish – All Rounder

Khayyum – All Rounder

Sudhir Babu – Batsman

Sachiin Joshi – All Rounder

Venkatesh – Batsman

Chaitanya – All Rounder

Tarun – All Rounder

Raghu – All Rounder

Akhil Akkineni – All Rounder

Aadarsh All Rounder

Taraka Ratna – All Rounder

Sushanth – All Rounder

Samrat – Bowler

Nikhil – All Rounder

Nanda Kishore – Bowler

Naga Shourya – All Rounder

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Squads or Players of Mumbai Heroes for CCL 2015 are-

(Vikas Kapoor – Owner

Sohail Khan, Jordy Patel, Adil Jagmagia – Owner

Vinayak Samant, Dinesh Lad, Prashant Shetty – Coach

Aijaz Ashai – Physio Therapist

Dilip Agarwal – Team Manager)

______________________________________________________________________Bobby Deol – All Rounder (Captain)

Samir Kochhar – Batsman

Saqib Saleem Batsman

Wkraja Bherwani – All Rounder

Suniel Shetty – Batsman

Aftab Shivdasani – All Rounder

Vatsal Sheth – Batsman

Armaan Kohli – All Rounder

Sohail Khan – Batsman

Sonu Sood – All Rounder

Amit Purohit – Batsman

Jay Bhanushali – All Rounder

Indraneil Sengupta – Batsman

Wkrajneesh Duggal – All Rounder

Apoorva Lakhia – All Rounder

Jeetu Varma – All Rounder

Shabir Ahluwalia – All Rounder

Rohit Roy – Batsman

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Team Chennai Rhinos Squads 2015 for Celebrity Cricket League are-

(K. Ganga Prasad –Owner

Ramesh Srinivasan -Team Manager

Raju Padmanabhan –Coach)

______________________________________________________________________Jiiva -All Rounder (Captain)

Vishnu -All Rounder

Aarya -Off Spinner

Bose -Bowler

Shaam -Bowler

Uday -Bowler

Vishal -All Rounder

Ramana -Batsman – Wicket Keeper

Sharan- All Rounder

Shanthnu -All Rounder

Sanjay -All Rounder

Ramana -Batsman – Wicket Keeper

Sharanall Rounder

Bharath -All Rounder

Prithivi -Batsman – Wicket Keeper

Vikranth -All Rounder

Ashok -All Rounder

Balaji -All Rounder

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Kerala Strikers CCL 2015 Squads are-

(Pankaj Chandra Senan -Chief Cricket Coach

A. Sunil -Asst. Coach

Padmashreelt. Col, Lissy Priyadarshan, Shaji -Owner

Edavela Babu -Manager)

_____________________________________________________________________Mohan Lal -All Rounder

Unni Mukundan -Bowler

Bineesh Kodiyeri -All Rounder

Suresh Nair -All Rounder

Prajodh Kalabavan -Batsman

Arjun Nandakumar -All Rounder

Riyaz Khan -Batsman

Manikuttan -Bowler

Vinu Mohan -All Rounder

Asif Ali -Bowler

Rajeev Pillai -All Rounder

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Celebrity Cricket League Karnataka Bulldozers Squads 2015 are-

(Ramakanth –Physio Therapist

Hemanth -Pro

Ashok Kheny -Owner

Siddaramu -Manager

Nanda Kishor -Artist Co-ordinator

Gk Anil Kumar -Coach

Mayukha -G M

Mahadev –Director)

______________________________________________________________________Sudeep -Wicket Keeper (Captain)

Sunil Rao -All Rounder

Mayur Patel -All Rounder

Darsan -All Rounder

Rajeev -All Rounder

Tharun Chandra -All Rounder

Vishwas -All Rounder

Pradeep -All Rounder

Chetan -All Rounder

Jayram Karthik -All Rounder

Dharma -All Rounder

Abhimanyu -All Rounder

Tarun Sudhir -All Rounder

Dhruv -All Rounder

Rahul -All Rounder

Mahesh -All Rounder

Rajesh -All Rounder

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The Squads of Bhojpuri Dabbangs CCL 2015 are-

(Manoj Tiwari -Owner

Vikas Singh Birappan -Manager

Santosh Singh -Coach

Rahul Ahluwalia –Physio)

______________________________________________________________________Manoj Tiwari -All Rounder (Captain)

Ram Pravesh Yadav -All Rounder

Uday Tiwari -All Rounder

Ravi Kishan -All Rounder

Dinesh Lal Yadav -Bowler

Yash Kumar -Batsman

Ajhoy Sharrma -Wicket-Keeper/Batsman

Vikas Singh -Bowler

Vaibhav Rai -Bowler

Pawan Singh -Bowler

Shailesh Sinha -All Rounder

Asgar Rashid Khan -Bowler

Pradeep Pandey -Batsman

Vikrant Singh -All Rounder

Praksh Jais -Bowler

Gajender Pratap Dwivedi-Bowler

Ayaz Khan -Bowler

Jay Prakash Yadav -Bowler

Akbar Naqvi -Batsman

Bobby Singh -Bowler

Aditya Ojha -All Rounder

Raj Chouhan -Bowler

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bengali Tigers Squads for Cricket League of Celebrity 2015 are-

(Sushil Sikaraya -Coach

Sri Devi Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor -Owner

Rajesh Shah -Co-Owner)

______________________________________________________________________Jisshu -All Rounder (Captain)

Amitabh -Wicket- Keeper / Batsman

Srv -All Rounder

Dev -Batsman

Rahul -All Rounder

Saugata -All Rounder

Indrasish -All Rounder

Debraj -All Rounder

Suman -All Rounder

Raja -Bowler

Mohan -Bowler

Joy -Batsman

Vinaayak -All Rounder

Sandy -All Rounder

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________CCL Veer Marathi 2015 Squads are:-

(Monty Desai –Coach

Riteish Deshmukh -Owner)

______________________________________________________________________Riteish Deshmukh -All Rounder (Captain)

Rajesh Shringarpure -Batsman

Manoje Biddvai -Batsman

Sandeep Juwatkar -All Rounder

Sharad Kelkar -All Rounder

Nupur Dhudwadkar -All Rounder

Sandesh Upashamall Rounder

Upendra Limaye -All Rounder

Raiees Lashkariya -All Rounder

Sanjay Jadhav -All Rounder

Madhav Deochakke -Batsman

Aryaajit -All Rounder

Makrand Deshpande -Batsman / Wicket Keeper

Siddharth Jadhav -Batsman

Analesh Desai -All Rounder

Sanjay Narvekar -Batsman

Nishikant Kamat -All Rounder

Rahul Gore -All Rounder

Mahesh Manjrekar -All Rounder

Ankush Chaudhari -Bowler

Astad Kale -All Rounder

Pushkar Jog -All Rounder


These were all the Celebrity Cricket League 2015 CCL all Teams Squads

Celebrity Cricket League {CCL} 2015 Venues, Timings

The CCL 2015 Cricket matches Venues and timings of matches on following stadiums are:-

Mumbai (CCI)

Bangalore (Chinna Swammy)}

Kochi (Nehru Stadium)

Delhi (Feroz Shah Kotla)

Hyderabad (Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium)

Ahmedabad (Sardar Patel)

The timings and dates of CCL 2015 are on 10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, 31st January and 1st February at 2.30 pm and 7 pm on these following dates.

Hopefully you got all the required information from all this.

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