Calendar Girls review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra

Calendar Girls 2015 review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra

Madhur Bhandarkar Calendar Girls 2015 movie review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra are forwarded along with the ratings received on 25th of September 2015. The movie is said to be an exceptional movie as all Madhur Bhandarkar films are based from a real incident or portrays a real life story. The 5 heroines in the film debuting in Bollywood have done a great work on their character research as all of them come from a different background and place. Taran Adarsh review denotes that the story revolves around 5 girls coming from different regions and getting selected to represent India for prestigious annual calendar. The problems they suffer while going through this way and the bad effects of stardom addiction are all presented in this movie. The models go through all sorts of emotions by making a difference in their life. The people who want to reach at such stardom needs to sacrifice a lot in their personal life as commitment and dedication plays an important role. This women centric movie can basically make a lot of difference in many women’s life. The film has more productivity with the message given at the end. The film cinematography is brilliant which portrays the correct meaning to the screen plays.

Calendar Girls review by Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra

Coming on to the technical aspects, the film has worked a lot on the editing part to make it more interesting. Editing work is best and the exact required scenes and camera angles are included with excluding the unnecessary one. The importance of women is very nicely portrayed in this film. The film basically present all the ups and downs faced by the models in this glamour industry. The sacrifice and suffering is smartly displayed on screen. The five actresses Avani Modi, Ruhi Singh, Satarupa Pyne, Kyra Dutt and Akanksha Puri have successfully impressed the audience and critics with their acting skills. The way they carried the required emotions is appreciable. The movie has lots of intimate scenes which are required for the film plot to get strong. This is one of the reasons which can attract the young generation. Basically the trailers itself has hit the minds of youngsters and will definitely gather maximum young crowd to cinema screen.

Anupama Chopra review describes that the strong film plot grips the audience form the starting 20 minutes till the climax. The start of the movie is displayed slowly to understand a difference of picking a hike in the story plot. Some actors lacks in giving right meaning to the dialogues and also portraying the right emotions for the required situation. After complete re-assess of film, it lacks before the climax as the story somewhere makes the audience confused and they are not able to understand what the director needs to make them realize. But that is the scene makes bring a change in the complete story and the audience gets a big surprise when they gets to know the secrets for why the starting story is shown in that way.

Rajeev Masand review are very interesting as he depicts the film should be watched in the cinema theaters definitely. It gives you a realization problems faced by models in real life. Re-evaluation says that Madhur Bhandarkar is able to make that difference with this film he wanted to portray. Once again, he has given the audience a taste of new field ‘Modelling’. The director tried to picturise the real true facts of this field in good way beyond the normal life thinking. Every film has some defects and even this one but still you should go for it. The analysis or judgement for this movie is difficult as it has something different than other films. The real life truth is what the movie shows till the end.

This is all about the review by 3 critics. The film scored 3.5 star rating on the release date 25th September 2015.

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