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Bollywood celeb tweets on Salman Khan hit and run case

Bollywood celeb tweets on Salman Khan hit and run case

We are sharing you the following Tweets of all Bollywood celeb on Salman Khan hit and run case. He is been found guilty today by the High Court for the car accident incident which happened before 13 years. Salman Khan is punished for this incident after the 13 years and now the final decision has been given by the judge of High Court. After the decision has been given Salman Khan files for ‘Anticipatory Parole’ after getting interim bail. He has got bail for next two days as he has requested the court so that he can meet his parent s and family and then surrender himself to the jail of Mumbai. After he is found blameworthy in the court case, all of his fans are unhappy because of judge’s judgment. Along with the fans, the Bollywood actors, producers, actress and all other celebrities have got hurt again after Sanjay Dutt’s jail incident and now its turn for the other bhai of Indian Film Industry. Here are all the tweets of the Bollywood celebrities who have been supporting him.

Tweets of Bollywood celeb on Salman Khan hit and run case

Tweets by Bollywood Celebs to support Salman Khan

Bipasha Basu: He is the nicest human being in this business. Wish all our prayers and love helps him in this bad time.

Subhash Ghai: He and all of us have to respect court verdict but we all know that he is excellent as human who can’t fight with destiny.

Varun Dhawan: I won’t comment on the courts judgement. But he has the biggest heart and is the most helpful person in the industry.

And other celebrities like Parineeti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, Abhijit Singer, Sonakshi Sinha, Sophie Chaudhary, Ameesha Patel, Sushmita Sen, Sajid Khan, Farah Khan, Dia Mirza, Rishi Kapoor, Mika Singh, Alia Bhatt, Vj Anushka.

All this were the twits which are updated by the Bollywood actors. If the decision would be announced before 13 years than it would have been better but now after such a long time, he is founded responsible for the incident which killed some people slept on the road. He is been found responsible for drinking and driving the car which made him drive the car over 5 people sleeping on the road. Many people reacted angrily on the government as if the rules were proper no one would have slept on the road and this incident would never occur. This is all about the twitter social networking site tweets by the actors and actress on Dabang of hindi industry.

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