Bigg Boss Season 8, 1st January 2015, 102 Day Full Episode in HD

Bigg Boss Season 8, 1st January 2015, 102 Day Full Episode in HD – We are going to provide you the full episode of the Bigg Boss season 8. As you have see the Bigg Boss season 8 is hosted by Salman Khan. Salman Khan comes every week on Saturday and Sunday and correct the mistakes of the contestant what they do the whole week in the last 5 days. Bigg Boss 8 is the reality show which is the most watchable show of India. As this is the show were you will get to see all things like romance, friendship, fights, drama, actions etc. You know that total 7 contestant are left in the Bigg Boss house who are Dimpy, Puneet Issar, Karishma Tanna, Upen Patel, Gautam Gulati, Pritam, Sonali. This all are been there in this house. Now, the new wild card entry has come in the house that is Ajaz Khan, who has been a contestant also in the previous season. He has come here and got a chance to be as a contestant again the house. They have been given task in every week. This is a screen shot the video is below.

Bigg Boss Season 8, 1st January 2015, 102 Day Full Episode in HD

Bigg Boss Season 8, 1st January 2015, 102 Day Full Episode in HD

Ajaz khan is entertaining the house and the audience but let me let you about Ali, he is very scared after Ajaz entered the house. Big Boss house is literally going on high every day with its humor and the things going on the house which make the audience more entertain. Day by day everyone is securing themselves from the nomination and now as you can see as the finale is coming more close people behavior is changing. People now are really tired in the house as they are fed up of the every day’s fights and drama but still everyone has the desire to win the Bigg Boss season 8. We will give you a deep details in writing about the 102 day episode as you can read and also watch it above and have the fun. The 31st was really nice to everybody and you must have missed the 31st and the 1st January 2015 Episode of Bigg Boss season 8. So we have provided you here the whole episode which you can watch and enjoy. It is also available in Hd so you can do it by selecting 720p or 1080p format for watching it in HD, high Quality.

The following other details of the 31st December Full Episode of Bigg Boos season 8 is below along with the Video is provided down.

Bigg Boss Season 8, 1st January 2015, 102 Day Full Episode in HD

The whole Video is provided you in the high Quality for 102 day. Play it.

After Ajaz Khan entered in to Bigg Boss 8 he was given a task to not talk with anybody in the house. He was not allowed to talk then after sometime he was released from that task and was allowed to talk. Then he was given a task of tourist guide to show the house to the tourister who came from out of the house. Also a other task was given to all people saying that whenever Bigg Boss announce to freeze, all the members of the house need to freeze except Ajaz and he need to irritate the other people so that they get unfreeze. Ajaz Khan after entering house has just made the house unstable of his behavior and all. This all is about the 100th day when he enters the house.

We here are going to provide in writing about the 102 day Bigg Boss 8 episode of 1st January, 2015 and video is already available above, so you can choose anyone you like which is as follows:-

In this episode it is shown in the start about the 101 day night 12.00 clock where Sonali goes to smoke cigarette where Gautam, Ajaz and Pritam talks about her with lights off. Ajaz tell them as he is newly entered so the contestant believe he says all true as he have come watching all episode from outside. Gautam ask ajaz that is all this shown in TV about her, Ajaz says that yes in all newspapers the headlines is been there. Also, he scares them that Devil is with Sonali and in all news it been shown that Devil is following Sonali not only inside the house but also outside the house.  All this conversation goes on.

Then at 12.45 am Gautam goes for bath and he shout that there is no light inside the bathroom and people outside the bathroom laughs, Ajaz comes running asking him what happened, he I was scared but now I am fine. Pritam and Ajaz goes laughing but there they see Sonali sitting in a pose turning all his hairs on his face and behaves as if something is wrong, some devil came inside her and sit outside the bathroom, Gautam comes outside the bathroom and looking her in such a position with legs fold and face is covered with all open hairs, he shout loudly looking at her as he gets scared and close the bathroom door again. After this, Sonali laughs as he was just scaring him. They all Pritam, Ajaz and Sonali laughs on Gautam. Then everything gets fine.

Directly after that next day at morning 8 am of 1st January scene is shown. A song is played and people get up and dance as usual like every morning where Karishma, Gautam, Puneet dance.

Then, at 8.30 am Ajaz says everyone especially Puneet that Gautam was so scared at night and everyone again starts laughing. After all this, Gautam ask Sonali what’s all this, is all this real or fake. He says all this is just a joke right and further adds watching at your teeth, a feeling comes that really do you have devil in you. Then he adds, you know what I am imagining now, m imagining that you walking on this wall and laughs. Further adds that I start imagining all this. Then next scene, where Pritam and Sonali talks to each other and pritam says you dominating all the mans in the house, she says I am not doing that someone else is doing, she talks here about devil and says that he only stays outside the candy house.

Another scene, where all are sitting in garden Ajaz comes and ask Karishma have you seen that devil in real, Karishma replies saying I have asked her in bathroom that your teeth gets fine in the morning, Sonali says no.

Pritam and Sonali again conversation is going on inside the house. She talks that the people who are with me are Riya and Chotu and they are couple. Pritam ask that from where have they came, she says from the plane, I have gone but they both brought me again here. Pritam says all this to camera. She sys I want to go out of the house but they don’t allow me. She says I will be till end now. From all the Bigg Boss 8 people one will not go back outside and the eight people won’t get less.

Then at 1 pm, Bigg Boss says to Ajaz in the confession room that you have a message box in your front, the 8 people except you in the house from them 4 people have a message from their family in this but only 2 people will be shown the messages from the family and you have to choose the 2 people.

At 1.30 pm, he says outside the house. He choose Dimpy and she listen her sister message and then she starts crying and everybody gets happy and says to be strong. All have the conversation and enjoy some moments and thanks to Ajaz.

At 1.45 pm, Ajaz says Ali that if I make you listen the message Upen won’t be able to hear it. He says Upen has heard messages from family, so let me hear it, he says ok.

Then Bigg Boss announce that Pritam has message but Pritam says I don’t want to hear, make listen other. Ajaz says I will listen only to one who has never heard from family in past also. Then Ali gets message from her mother, so everyone comes and sits inside so Ajaz says I will make listen to Sonali. So delete Ali’s message. Ajaz says that no one told me about Upen got message and call in past and this is the fourth time so Ajaz delete the message. Then later, Sonali and Ali are called in confession room and are given a New year task about one men and women will decide new year resolution for one another and ask what have you thought and why. Sonali says Ali needs to respect women and if there is any fight with women, he needs to talk respectfully not only with women but also with men and stop cheap jokes and comments. Then Ali says she says something and don’t accept what he says, don’t accept her mistake, whatever works she does complete all.

Then Karishma says about Pritam that he needs to control himself because he loose his comfort and gets angry and the thing happened with Dimpy so it never get happened again to any other women. Then Pritam says Karishma don’t accept her mistakes, I have noticed this so he accept it may be she don’t improve on it but she should accept it.

Then comes Upen who gives a revolution to Gautam about try to understand people and make friends. Gautam says to Upen that never say to anyone that you will spoil someone face and all. So, never do that.

Dimpy says about Puneet in this house nothing is right and wrong. Everyone has different perception and intention. So I want that if you judge someone in the coming year then don’t judge their karma but judge their intention. Puneet says to Dimpy that for achieving you goal, the way you choosing for achieving your goal, you need to concentrate on the humanity on that way not about proving yourself in task and all.

Then Dimpy, Karishma and Puneet discuss about their conversation happened in the confession room and have a long fight and Dimpy over reacts more on this thing.

Bigg Boss calls some of them out this house and says this is the nomination time and finally Upen is send out of the house but other further detail will be seen in next episode. You can watch the whole 1st January Full HD Episode. You can watch the full episode as there are many twist after this.

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