Bigg Boss 9 full episode 1 | 11th October 2015 (opening ceremony)

Bigg Boss 9 full episode 1 | 11th October 2015 (opening ceremony)

Sharing with you Bigg Boss 9 full episode 1 | 11th October 2015 (opening ceremony) written updates. The 1st episode (11th October 2015) of Bigg Boss 9th season starts with Salman standing in the house and asking Deepak Dobriyal (Tanu weds Manu Madhvan friend) that ‘swagat nai karoge hamara’. He says that sir whole India is waiting for doing your double welcome. Salman ask him why double welcome? He replies in a humorous way that you were confused doing this season 9th and so even the audience were confused but now as you said yes for the show only one dialogues is revolving in the minds of audience “you came back”. Then he tells Salman to say it on camera, he speaks the same dialogue on the camera that I am back with a music added in background. Then they both enter inside the Bigg Boss house where the contestants sleep and enjoy lying on bed. Then come near the swimming pool. Here, Deepak goes saying that ‘Handle you house and do whatever you want’.

Bigg Boss 9 full episode 1,  11th October 2015 (opening ceremony)

Now the next scene shows that some people are tied together and they are having problem eating with one spoon and starts fighting. Salman laughs on them. Many scenes of people are shown with the song. Now, Daisy Shah enters in the house dancing with Salman on the song ‘Tu nathi toh taro photo pan chalse’. After this song, the next song is played where you will get to see Eli Avram dancing with Salman on song ‘Hangover teri yaadon ka’. Now, both the ladies come together and try to pull Salman on their side one saying lets go on stage and another no stay in the house only. He gets angry and says I have not reached yet on stage and double trouble has already started with me.

Salman enters on stage with a song ‘Jaago jaago in the house, jaago jaago big boss’. He introduces and welcome everybody with Snapdeal presents Bigg Boss 9 double trouble with Daisy and Eli. He does some comedy. He declares that two girls cannot be friends in the house along with Bigg Boss 9th season show timings from Monday to Friday at 10.30 and Saturday, Sunday on weekend at 9 pm. Here, the girls again starts fighting saying call the guy you told me. Now, he drops them and come back. The first contestant Digangana Suryavanshi enters with a dancing performance on “Baby doll song” and then introduced herself to the audience. Salman have some conversation with her and then he explains what does Double Trouble means for the house. He says that no one will go alone in the house, you will have one partner with whom you will go in the house. Here Salman introduce Digangana partner Prince Narula who introduce himself on a video show at the stage.

Now, Salman says her that you will get more options to choose your partner. Next contestant introduction is done Roopal Tyagi. Digangana finally chose Roopal Tyagi instead of Prince. She comes on stage and a knot is tied on the waist so that they stay together all the time in the house. Now, the media journalist form ABP news, India TV and anchor producer Saurav Sharma are introduced now they ask some question to these contestants and then they enter into the house. Then Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant who are in real 5 years relationship is introduced with dancing performance but they are said to not go in the house as couple but they need to choose another partner. Kishwer chose Aman Verma and they are sent in the house. Suyyash is sent inside the waiting room to get selected by someone. Now, Rimi Sen well known actress enters with a dancing performance on song ‘Dil bole shiki dum’. Rim Sen selects Suyyash Rai as a partner for the house and enters house.

Prince is rejected for 3 times till now. Now, Yuvika Chaudhary enters the house by choosing Vikas Bhalla as her partner in the house. Then Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao enter with a dance performance on the stage on song “Menu pyar na mile toh marjawa’. Finally, Prince is called out and this time he is given a chance to choose a partner from these two and he chose Rochelle Rao and enters in house. Everyone gets so excited to see Prince and he is rejected by all the girls and even the last two but as said he gets a choice after them so Prince chose Rochelle as partner. Now, Mandana has two choices Ankit Gera and Keith Sequeria. She chose Keith Sequeria and enters BB9 house. The big surprise news is that Keith has a girlfriend in the BB9 house Rochelle Rao who has partnered with Prince.

These both enters have an introduction with everybody. Now Ankit Gera is called upon stage and he is partnered with Ankit Vegda who is a singer. These are the 14 contestants list and name paired up in 7 couples or pairs. This is how the opening ceremony, BB9 1st  episode, 11th October 2015 full episode 1 comes to an end. Stay tuned for the written updates of Bigg Boss 9 full episode 2.

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