Bigg Boss 9 Eliminations: Surprise Elimination, News and Report

Bigg Boss 9 Eliminations: Surprise Elimination, News and Report

According to rumours there could be a surprise eviction from the big boss in coming week. If reports are to be believed, next week Rishabh Sinha could be evicted from the big boss house. Rishabh Sinha who has been a very strong contestant could leave house for medical reasons. The TV actor has dental issue and jaw pain which needs medical care. So, for the treatment he would be leaving the house also a rest is suggested for him after the treatment.

Bigg Boss 9 Eliminations Surprise Elimination, News and Report

Rishabh Sinha who is title contender and has foes with many in house could make a surprise comeback after couple of weeks of Elimination. According to reports after treatment and rest Rishabh would make a surprise return to the house. His re-entry would be shocking to other house mates as he will be back with a task given by BIGG BOSS. The task would trouble the inmates. He will also be revealing the secrets about people and especially about Price and Keith. This would lead to a lot of drama and fight in house.

It would be fun to watch as a lot of interesting things would be revealed and the new task would be a heck for players. Rishabh will surely enjoy his time out and his comeback.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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