Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble Room secret, Selfie Task, Title stale by Kishwer

Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble Room secret, Selfie Task, Title stale by Kishwer

Bigg Boss 9 on 23rd October 2015 includes following occurrences Double Trouble Room secret revealed by BB, Selfie Task given to Team A and Team B, Title stale given by Kishwer to contestants. Here is the show written highlights of Day 12 where the first surprising thing came was contestant were allowed to roam alone without partner restrictions. Second thing Merchantt was asked to give title of Kamchor, Rule breaker, boring etc. to the contestants which suits them. Third was contestant were asked to take their selfies. Read the following details below.

Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble Room secret, Selfie Task, Title stale by Kishwer (23rd October)

Double Trouble Room (Contestant free from Partner/Jodi)

Yes you have read it right, the contestant are now no more in the Jodi restriction as Aman and Keswhwer were called in Double Trouble new revealed room where they were gives three options:-

First Button: Allotted to press for making everyone free from Jodi or partner restriction.

Second Button: To free all contestants but Aman and Merchantt will be bonded again in Jodi restriction

Third: No Button i.e. to free all housemates but one pair along with K.Merchantt and Aman will be restricted which will be chosen by them.

Here, Aman presses the first button as soon as he heard the three options but Kishwer dint press any of them. After this, the contestants get happy as they are now free to walk alone and go anywhere they want. Everyone throws the belt and starting celebrating the moment.

Title Slate given by Kishwer to following contestants

Merchantt is given 6 small white boards with headings like Aswachh, Boring, Entertainer, Kaamchor etc. to give it to contestant that suits them.

She gives (Non Hygienic) Aswachh heading firstly to Aman Verma

Arvind Vedga receives Boring heading

Rulebreaker is offered to Rochelle Maria Rao for sleeping more than required

Entertainer is given to favourite Prince Narula

Kaamchor is offered to Vikas Bhalla

Nakli (Fake): This one is given to Mandana, the reason for behaving in artificial manner at some time.

Selfie Task or Game

In this the participants were ask to take pictures from front camera where all were divided in two teams i.e. Team A and B. One team will take their picture and other will distract them by spoiling pictures and not allowing them to take a clear pictures. This will get reverse after half an hour where the spoiling team will click their own picture and other Team A will start spoiling.

Rules of Selfie Game

  1. Opponent team cannot touch while spoiling another team picture
  2. Need to have at least two people in this picture
  3. Can spoil picture by putting opponent team contestant face in between
  4. The picture should be taken in four places: Washroom, Bedroom and Garden area and Kitchen.

Prince, Keith, Aman, Rochelle, Roopal and Mandana are in Team A whereas Kishwer, Yuvika, Suyyash and Vikas are included in Team B. Digangana was asked to supervise the whole task going on. Both teams plays the game and Prince (Team A) wins it.

Merchantt and Rochelle have some fights and arguments because of distracting each other in game. This is what happened in the whole day 12 of BB9.

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In the previous session Merchantt becomes captain by winning Tug of war captaincy game. Day before yesterday, Mandana steal the Lagaan task money and the workers loose the task whereas Lagaan task is won by Aman and K.Mechantt (zamindaars).

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