Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 (14 October 2015) Episode 4 written update | Sneak Peek

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 (14 October 2015) Episode 4 written update | Sneak Peek

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 (14 October 2015) Episode 4 Sneak Peek written update shows the season is started the 3rd day with a good song, “Bhai Bhai” which is sung by Arvind who is the present contestant of Bigg Boss and this chapter was quite interesting. As if when compared to episode 2 and 3 this one had much fun. This chapter video included the Luxury budget task where everyone is given a challenge of different phobias. One pair needs to give a phobia challenge to another one. The Bigg Boss Double Trouble showed a lot of trouble today in the house. The Day 3 episode was displayed on Colors TV at 10.30 pm. “Ramji ki Chal dekho” and “Bhai Bhai” of Ram Leela morning 8 am song is played. The day started with a small conversation between Prince and Rochelle about the game and how they will play it and also with a small chat between Aman and Mandana.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 (14 October 2015) Episode 4 written update. Sneak peak

As the day started, the luxury budget tasks were given to them, some of the tasks were remaining which were given to the pair which was still remaining to perform. They were given many phobias to compete with each other. Today Rimi and Suyyash after giving up getting bald task again give up for the BB tattoo on body where Suyyash had a fight and defensive conversation with her. Suyyash and Remi were certain chance to select any one pair to give the duty. As a few seconds talk of Rimi and Suyash, they decided to give the job to Aman and Kishwar. The task was about mouth organ, they should play it but the mouth organ should be in fish mouth. The task was completed by Aman and Kishwara.

The next phobia was announced, it was about hair. To choose someone to do the task, BB9 selected Vikas and Yuvika as the task was again given to Aman and Kishwara, the task was about they had to keep hairs on their face for some time. They completed the mission. One more phobia was given by BB that was about needle. It means about tattoo making, to decide about the tattoo. He elected Roopal and Digangana to select the contestants for the work. They both elected Rimi and Suyyash for the task. The assignment was about tattoo making, Suyyash was ready to do the job but Rimi was not ready. They asked Bigg Boss to give a specific size of the tattoo, but he didn’t reply. It was not completed and the phobia task was over.

This is how the 3rd day ended up on 14th October 2015.

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