Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 full episode 3, Tuesday (13 October 2015) | Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 full episode 3, Tuesday (13 October 2015) | Written Updates 

Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 full episode written updates of 13th October 2015, Tuesday starts with morning 8 am where morning song “Bachke tu rehna re, nahi duja moka milega sambhalna”. Everyone wake up and starts dancing as usual like every series of BB. Vikas is seen more excited in dancing on this song. Vikas does some mischief by throwing pillow on Arvind and Ankit starts dancing on the bed. Keith hugs her girlfriend. After having a good conversation on the snore, Keith and Mandana are seen cleaning the house. Mandana cleans sofa with broom and here Aman standing in the kitchen with everyone see this so he stops her saying don’t use that on sofa but can clean it with some cloth. Mandana says Suyyash and Rimi that Roopal who don’t do her work and is not allowed to give opinion. He gives this message to them. Later on, Roopal and Digangana are seen cleaning the bathroom basin, drawers etc. Even they gossip saying many people are not doing work but stand at places where work is going on. They also converse about why people gossip, taunt and have hatred about one other.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 full episode written updates, (13 October 2015)

Mrning 11 am, Ankit comes in the washroom area and taunt on Digangana and Roopal saying ‘very good do it well’ but after she looks at her he says am saying it to Arvind as he is going for changing cloths. Aman, Mandana and Keshwar, Keith talks about Roopal that they felt bad. Prince does conversation with Roopal and Digangana to keep calm. At 1 pm, these four people conversation is again shown. Prince talks with Roopal about himself that he was very bad guy in fighting and was very violent. He only gets angry when some insult a girl. BB sent a message to all contestants when everyone is in living area. BB gives a luxury budget task of phobia, he will let everyone do task time to time and every pair has to challenge another pair and pair will decide whether they need to accept it or not.

Prince and Rochelle decide to challenge Roopal for Belly button phobia. They go for the task and successfully do it. Keith and Mandana decide to give Ankit and Arvind a task to blow 10 balloons each till it don’t get burst. They do it successfully. Then obeso phobia task is given to Vikas and Yuvika by Aman and Keshwar. They are given lots of food to eat in 15 minutes but they are unsuccessful in completing it. Then Arvind and Ankit decide to give a task to Suyyash and Rimi to bald themselves but they give up and don’t do it.

This is how the day 2 episode 3 (Tuesday) of Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble (13th October 2015) ends.

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