Bigg Boss 9 3rd wild card entry name is Kanwaljeet Singh (Kawaljit) Fashion Designer

Bigg Boss 9 3rd wild card entry name is Kanwaljeet Singh (Kawaljit) Fashion Designer

Bigg Boss 9 3rd wild card entry name is Kawaljit {Kanwaljeet} Singh (Fashion Designer). You must be thinking who is this Kanwaljeet (Kawaljit) Singh in BB9? He is famous Bollywood fashion designer who has also written some scripts for Television serials and Bollywood movies. As you must have seen in the Bigg Boss 9 19th November 2015 Episode of Day 39 a new wild card entry is shown who enters the Bigg Boss house. He is none other than Kanwaljeet Singh who basically has some mixture of boys and girls in his body language.

Bigg Boss 9 3rd wild card entry name: Kawaljit Singh Fashion Designer

What is Bigg Boss new entry name: Kanwaljeet (Kawaljit) Singh

Before the new entry goes in the house, he had a talk with many media people where he said the following “The thing which will keep him in the BB9 house is the love of youngsters as he gels very well with the young age people”.

He is 16 years old man who gets more attached to people age between 15-16 years. He also said that his most groups of friend are from the age of 20 to 25 years.

When asked about his strategy in the house, he says “I will bring a change of fashion in the house. Also I will change my cloths three times in a whole day”. He wants people to look after him and wait for the time what will he be wearing next costumes or cloths.

He was also asked that what the bad thing which will irritate you is, he said “Bad breath and dull dressing sense of people”.

He is seen as a happy go lucky person but he has left the designing field before 3 years and he handles a business with his son. Kawaljit said he might come back to the fashion field if he gets good work after the show.

This is how it ends, let’s see weather this third wild card entry is able to sustain in the house or not?

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