Bigg Boss 9 3rd week Nomination (nominated contestant on 26 Oct)

Bigg Boss 9 3rd week Nomination (nominated contestant on 26 Oct)

The third round of nomination in Bigg Boss 9 26th October is displayed in last night (Monday) where BB ask the contestants to give name of the participants on behalf of not showing their interest in the task and it doesn’t matter if these housemates stay or go out of the house. The participants are called one by one where they need to give 2 names for elimination on behalf of these following criteria. Mandana, Keith cannot be voted as they are already in elimination because of being selected as the least performing pair in Lagaan task. Keshwar cannot be voted as she is the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 3rd week Nomination (nominated contestant on 26 Oct)

Finally, the nomination activity starts first with Aman Verma where he gives Vikas name as a first vote because of not able to do handle his captain responsibility correctly and then Suyyash name but the reason he gave doesn’t come in this criteria so he changed name to Arvind for not showing much interest in task.

Secondly, Yuvika Chaudhary is called and she give submits Arvind for the same reason and then Rimi as she wants to go home because of which she is not performing.

Thirdly, Suyyash is called where he recommend Arvind for staying alone in the house after Ankit Gera elimination and Digangana.

Fourthly, Digangana Suryavanshi is called where she give her vote for eviction to Arvind and second vote to Vikas.

Fifthly, Mandana Karimi submit his vote to Digangana for not being matured enough and then Arvind for not showing interest.

Sixthly, Prince Narula submits his votes for elimination round to Arvind Vegda and Aman Verma.

Seventhly, Vikas Bhalla is giving votes for elimination to Arvind and Rochelle for always supporting Keith and not showing her interest sometimes.

Eight participant Rimi Sen contribute her vote for Digangana and Arvind for elimination.

Rochelle Rao gives reason with two names for eviction is Arvind and Digangana.

Arvind Vegda the one who gets highest votes for eviction votes Vikas and then Digangana saying she is not made for this show.

After all the participants’ votes, BB announces the following name to Keshwar Merchantt by calling her in the room. The participants who are in the elimination round for 3rd week are Keith, Mandana, Vikas, Digangana and Arvind.

The activity is not yet over as Kishwer being the captain of the house will give one vote that will directly go in the danger zone of eviction. She decides to give Rimi Sen name as she is interesting when she talks but most of the time she stays silence.

This is how the 3rd week Nomination activity ends and we have provided you the answer of who will get eliminated in the third week of BB.

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