Bigg Boss 9 28th November 2015 Episode 48, Day 48 Spoiler Update (Sneak Peek)

Bigg Boss 9 28th November 2015 Episode 48, Day 48 is going to be one of the most hilarious episode of season 9 as today you will get to see who wins the car task from Prince, Rochelle and Priya. In addition, you will get to see Weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan. The third thing you will get to see in BB9 for the first time in all previous seasons is Bigg Boss announces that the he is going to take one important step which never happened in the history of this realtiy show. He says that the one who is in the house with the thought of not grasping the opportunity given in Bigg Boss show and don’t know the value of coming in BB9 by not doing the task and disappointing audience can go out of the show. He opened the BB9 main door so that contestants who don’t deserve to stay in house can go out of the house without any restrictions. Let us give you the BB9 today’s show update in details read below…

Bigg Boss 9 28th November 2015 Episode 48, Day 48 Spoiler Update (Sneak Peek)


Bigg Boss 9 28th November 2015 Episode 48, Day 48 Spoiler Update (Sneak Peek)

Who wins the BB9 car task among Prince, Rochelle and Priya Malik

After 40 hours of stiff competition, still these 3 are sitting inside the car and not giving up the task. BB appreciate their dedication and then after completing around more than 45 hours, he says that according to doctor suggestion we have to stop i.e. nullified in next one hour if there isn’t one contestant left in the car instead of two as Rochelle gives up the task and comes out of it.

Yes, you heard it right Rochelle Rao comes out of the car after 40 hours of hard work and now only two contestants are present inside the car, Prince and Priya Malik. Among these two if one of them doesn’t give up, car task will be discarded without announcing any winner.

One has to leave the car otherwise it will be discarded and all the hard work of these two will be waste. The housemates can request one of the contestants to come out. Therefore, Suyyash request Priya to come out but she says that even if you throw shit in the car I won’t come out of the car. She is very dedicated and stubborn to win the car task.

Finally, after all these Prince Narula comes out and Priya Malik wins the car task i.e. Captaincy task and won two weeks immunity by becoming new captain of house. In addition, she will also get one benefit regarding nomination which will be announced later.

BB show some clips to Prince, Rochelle and Rishabh about housemate back bitching about them

Today in BB9 day 48, you will get to see that BB announce one by one and call Prince Narula, Rochelle Rao and Rishabh Sinha in the confession room and show them the real faces about what their friends and other housemates think about them. BB shows the some mini clips of the housemates back bitching about 3 of them one by one and talk with them as what they have become in the house for other contestants.

Let us share you,

What the inmates back bite-ed about their close ones behind their back:-

Clips shown to Rishabh Sinha where BB says the time you entered in the house as 1st wild card entry, you were a threat for other inmates and now you have become just a mere joke for other contestants.

BB shows some mini clips to Prince about his close ones back bitching about him and said that Tiger rules everyone but even after being Prince, you have lost in the crowd and have started following other people in house.

On the other side, after showing clips to Rochelle Rao he says that you have become just Keith’s girlfriend in the house nothing else.

BB announce the one who don’t respect show and audience can go out of BB9 house as he have opened the main door of house

He stated in first paragraph, after he announce this Rishabh and Suyyash get up and go in bedroom to use the opportunity by throwing Rimi Sen out of house. They say to Rimi Sen that we are going inside bedroom to pack your bag so that you can leave the house.

Now, Rimi Sen goes out or not will be disclosed in today’s episode of Saturday of Weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan.

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