Bigg Boss 9 (17th October) Episode 7 Day 6 with Salman Written Update

Bigg Boss 9 (17th October) Episode 7 Day 6 with Salman Written Update

Bigg Boss 9 (17th October) Episode 7 Day 6 with Salman Khan was very humorous and you get to see Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt for Shaandaar promotion. The written update starts morning 8 am where song is played; everybody dances then all gets ready to have a conversation with the host Khan. Salman Khan takes Rimi and Suyyash on remand first and calls them in the secret room. He says Suyyash that you blamed Rimi for tattoo task and you were so frustrated. Here he explains that I dint got frustrated, she said no to both task and all. Then at some point he said, I just dint got time to talk with Keshwar and here couple blames Aman for that. Then Salman told Keshwar you always give suggestion to everyone why dint you said Aman when you wanted to talk to Suyyash. Then he comes on Aman and say that why you are so insensitive in a comic way. Here, Aman explains that they spent times many times in garden and at night. All of them tries to prove that they are right. Suyyash says that Aman doesn’t respect her and she sits down on floor and Aman on chair and all. Also, Keshwar points that Aman doesn’t wash kitchen utensils. Mandana says something and Salman says that Rochelle will explain this what she said in Hindi.


Bigg Boss Episode 7 Day 6 (17th October 2015) with Salman khan, Shahid and Alia

He also says Suyyash that if you said Keshwar that I would have not allowed getting you bald then how can you say Rimi Sen. Whereas now , Rochelle brain wash Rimi mind to do all task every night. After he sends them in living room, Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt entered on stage and give a dance performance on Shaandaar song. Salman appreciates Shahid and Alia dance saying it was a Shaandaar performance. He welcomes them by putting wreath in neck. Alia also sung ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’ song. Then they are shown entering Bigg boss house where Shahid says we will have some Shaanbaar Baatein to contestants. Alia say that he likes Prince.

Shahid ask all contestants who is the hottest female contestant and maximum vote goes to Rochelle and she wins. Then hottest man is declared to be Keith form everybody. The most lovable title is given to Rimi. Hottest Jodi is won by Keith and Mandana, the most liked Jodi by audience is declared by Shahid only. After that they come out and have a dance along with Salman on song ‘Raita fail gaya’.

He is back to contestant now and says that he will take one Jodi along with him from the nominated one. Then he first declares that Rimi and Suyyash pair is safe. At last, he announce them that he will announce tomorrow about who will be eliminated. After this, he talks to audience that only one person will be evicted not one pair.

Precap: You will get to see Sonam Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana and media journalist who will question some of them and appreciate some contestants.

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