Bigg Boss 9 11th November Highway Task by Team A of Rishabh, Aman


Bigg Boss 9 11th November Highway Task by Team A of Rishabh, Aman

Bigg Boss 9 today episode of 11th November 2015 Highway task will have Team A round that is Rishabh, Aman, Mandana, Rochelle and Digangana will sit on the rikshaw in tonight show. First round is completed where Prince Team B sits on rikshaw. They complete their round by staying 3 members at the end on the rikshaw. Prince was removed by Aman because the group who wins the fish challenge will have the opportunity to remove one member out of task who will not be allowed to play further in it. So, Squad A won the first challenge of Fish transferring from mouth and BB gave a chance to remove one contestant from opponent team as the winning award. Puneet was also not on the rikshaw at the end because of coming late on it after the buzzer was played.

Bigg Boss 9 11th November Highway Task by Team A of Rishabh, Aman

Highway task get vulgar where Prince put water, Keshwar seen crying because of Mandana leg fight

Now coming up to the Squad A, they sat on rikshaw and the challenge starts.

The opponent squad is seen torturing them to a great extent. They did all they can do to get them down from rikshaw. As you can see in the above image, the opponent squad throw many things like haldi, water, flour on Rochelle and other fellow contestants.

Prince is seen spraying perfume on A. Verma face and above head, Digangana feels like vomiting.

Later on, you will get to see Keshwar and Prince put water on her face and legs where Mandana say don’t touch me and don’t put water on mike. While this incident was going on, Mandana Karimi in anger give a fight with her leg in anger to Keshwar or maybe it is mistakenly touched by her.

As soon as it her leg touched Kishwer body, she starts shouting and says “This is against BB9 rules, she got physical with me”.

Keshwar goes in Confession room and ask BB that if he won’t takes action now, she wants to leave the Bigg Boss house right now and starts crying. After coming out of confession room she gets very irritated and throws of her mike.

Now let’s see who wins the “Rikshaw vala” task tonight on Wednesday and what decision do BB takes on Keshwar action.

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