Bigg Boss 8 final Winner Gautam Gulati, Halla bol Finale of 31st January 2015

Reality show Bigg Boss 8 final Winner  as Gautam gulati declared on Grand Finale of 31st January 2015, Saturday

The reality show Bigg Boss 8 season Winner is Gautam Gulati and our article of previous post of winner prediction came true. We actually predicted that this contestant would win and he won the 8th season. From the 1st week itself when the show started he was liked by the audience a lot. The fight with Karishma brought him in popularity with a positive thought. Gautam after that got very famous and also his fans increased because of his nature and the body he flaunt in the house with six pack abs. He is very smart in looks which brought him as the champion of 8th season. He made himself very calm in many situation when he was provoked by the other contestants at times to bring out the bad human being out of his nature but he kept himself calm every time. He deserves to be the victor of the house. Before one day of grand finale, Dimpy and Quli Mirza were evicted. Prior coming to this show he was a Television actor of Diya aur Baati hum. Finally, he makes and confirms the ticket for stardom and get success by charming this 2014-2015 8th season.

Bigg Boss 8 final Winner Gautam Gulati, Halla bol Finale of 31st Jay 2015

Gautam in the final days was provoked a lot by specially Ali and other fans. Even Pritam dint supported him in such situations. But after that cage task he stayed away from everybody and was alone in the house. The Bigg Boss 8 winner made himself proud on the last finale day of 31st January 2015.

He was one of the contestant who was very different and odd in the house. He made proud to his family the way he was portrayed from the house. I would like to say that he was the most honest contestant in the show and even loyal to all. The most important thing about him was he use to never do back bitching about others.

He use to stay in himself and entertaining the audience with his dance and flaunting his muscular body. The conqueror of the reality show finally made his words for the audience and while winning the trophy he said to the media that from now he is going to focus more on films rather than television serials.

Even his fans made pages on Facebook like ‘we want Gautam to be the champ of bigg boss 8 and all’ and finally he won the halla bol. Halla bol is the series where new 5 contestants entered and even one more month was extended of the reality show.

He beats Karishma Tanna in the finale round and went a step ahead from her with achieving the title of frontrunner. Now, India has got a new superior of the television show. Nearly after being in the house for 4 months and suffering from all grudges, anger, fight, controversies he becomes the victor of the season. Saturday is the day from which his life is going to change completely because now he have earned his respect as a human being and a star actor.

Pritam Singh was the second runner up of the series. The least 5 contestant left in the house were Gulati, Pritam Singh, Karishma Tanna, Dimpy Ganguly and Ali Quli Mirza. From the starting day of 21st of September 2014, it reached to the highest TRP by creating many controversies in the house.

Salman Khan is the main reason for bringing the show on a high TRP as many people watch it just for Salman being as the host of the season each time. His attitude and style makes it more popular and the punishment and suggestions given by him on every weekend to the members are watch the most on Television that is Saturdays and Sunday where Salman use to come for having a talk with them.

The day before rumours were made that Gauti will be champ on social networking sites like Twitter and other news channels. On the grand finale, we got to see performances of Malaika Arora khan, Sonakshi Sinha. Even the Khatron ke khiladi 6th season was announced over the stage.

Ultimately, he was shown lifting the trophy and this was the ending of the television celebrity reality show. Gauti rocks.

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