Bigg Boss 8 Final winner 31st January 2015

Finally we have got the news about Bigg Boss 8 winner 31st January 2015 prediction over here

The day has finally come to know about the surprising Bigg Boss 8 Winner 31st January 2015 Prediction. This season 8 have gone on a high TRP this time. The eight series was more entertaining from the previous seasons. The drama and fights in the house were just very surprising for you people. As you know it is hosted by Salman Khan from the last 5 seasons. Now, the craze for bb 8 has increase because of Salman Khan hosting the show. If we imagine, there are 3 contestants left in the finale of last day of the first month of the year i.e. Saturday. We will reveal you the bb 8 champion in the below heading. There will be 2 champions and 2 challengers left in the house and after the voting given by public there are two victors each from the group. Yes, this is the first time that there are two frontrunner for the 2014-2015 season. A month is extended because the public like this current series very much. So, the team of bb have decided to extend it for one more month. As promised by Salman Khan will be present on the climax and hosting the show.


Bigg Boss 8 Final winner 31st January 2015

The top 4 contestants left in the race of winning the finish line are Gautam Gulati, Rahul Mahajan, Pritam Singh and Sambhavna Seth. According to the expert views the one who will reach the finish line is Gautam Gulati and Pritam but as you know that there are two leader from each group of champions and challengers is Gautam and Rahul. Pritam as you know was already one of the member of the ending climax because he won the torture cage task.

These were already the strong contender of house. Gauti as you know was having a great fan following from the start of show and it increase day by day. He flaunted his body and many girls gone flat on him seeing his muscular and hot body. If we talk about his nature, he was honest, clam at times and was very truthful. Like the others in the house, he was not having the habit of back bitching about other people. He used to say on their face. If we talk about the task he use to play fair game if something goes wrong he use to leave the task as he don’t want to get dirty in the competition. So, he deserves to be a champ.

If we talk about Rahul, he was also very fair and honest and entertain the audience. His relation with dimpy made him more popular.

It is not fixed that there will be two large superior conqueror of 8th season. So I would also like to give an option if there will be one champ in the house.

So, here the news for the great chief of season 8 Front-runner is Gautam Gulati.

Also, if you need the last 2 contestant of bb 8 they will be P. pyare and Gauti.

We will also provide you the names of all season victors.

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