Ballala Deva Telugu movie review & rating (Vimal, Bindu)

Ballala Deva Telugu movie review & rating (Vimal, Bindu)

Ballala Deva Telugu movie review & rating are out and you will get to know the positive and negatives of the film. The film is successful in gathering 3 star rating out of total 5 star rating. It is lead by three actors Bindu Madhavi and Vimal and is made in Telugu Language. It is made under the production of Satya Deva Pictures and release date is 24th of September 2015. Coming on to the film review, the dialogues are written by Krishna Teja. Lyrics of the songs are written by Vanamali whereas the music is given by Imaan. It is produced by Ravipati Satyanarayana, and made under the Direction of Ellil. The film story line revolves around the lead actor Vimal who falls in love with a girl Bindu Madhavi. He finds her at some occasion and fall in love at first site. Then he sees her at many events he goes to talk with her but she ignores him. Later on, after his continuous efforts she finally falls in love with him but here come the actions and thriller scenes as the girl is from a background of rich and big people who don’t allow her to be with him. The further story revolves around how he gets her back in his life. The film includes a lot of comedy scenes which keeps on entertaining the audience.

Ballala Deva Telugu movie review & rating (Vimal, Bindu)

Coming on to the whole re-evaluation, the motion picture is supposed to have some more improvement as the film story is common but the way it is brought up on screen is appreciable. The moving picture directed by Ellil is appreciated but according to the critics some action scenes should be omitted s they are just brought up for entertainment. The songs review for the film is also good as audience likes the fast beat music included in the movie tracks. After we re-considered, the choreography of these tunes is also interesting. The entertainment section is also great and hopes you like the film when you go to cinema theatres. Landing up on the technical part, the film has a good cinematography and best editing as the common story is brought up in a completely different way through great editing and cinematography.

The re-assessment includes views on camera angles that are also shot great as it has helped the screen play to enhance on particular situation. We have also shared you the Theatrical trailer starring main actors Vimal as a male lead and Bindumadhavi as female lead. The film scores 3 stars only on the basis of the way it is brought and portrayed on screen. The ranking of the film is all depended on acting performance, story, screen play etc.

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