Badlapur total box office collection till now, income report

Badlapur total box office collection till now, income report

Badlapur total box office collection till now, income report is 53.1 crores . The movie released on 20th February 2015 has gained much popularity with positive reviews and ratings by both public and critics like Taran Adarsh, Rajeeev Masand, Anupama and many others. The film has received good reviews on its premier show itself and even on first day by the audience. The film has yet completed 17 days and it has made a domestic collection of 44.15 crores till 8 March 2015 and it reached to a whole worldwide income of 53.1 crores. The movie is lead by Varun Dhawan and Yami Gautam. Rashike Apte also plays a small role in the film coming from the Marathi film industry. We will provide you day wise business of all the days till it was on the cinema theatres. The flick overseas profit is good and more than the expectation as Varun was appreciated for his performance in the picture. Even many Indian Bollywood celebrities were impressed by acting. On the other hand the movie has made more business in the western and northern parts of India and if we talk about overseas countries Canada, United States and Asian countries contributed much in earning profit.

Badlapur total box office collection till now, income report

On an average 40% audience have visited everyday for the film. The flick has released over 1500 cinema theatres and total 2000 theatres worldwide. The film is still giving a small amount of profit every day on the multiplex screens. Made under the direction of Sriram Raghavan, the film made a successful appearance on silver screen.

The following income earned day wise:-

Opening day (1st day) – 7.1 crores

2nd day- 8.77 crores

3rd day (Sunday) – 8.23 crores

1st weekend business: 24.1 crores

4th day (Monday) – 4.2 crore

5th (Tuesday) – 3.7 crore

6th day of Wednesday – 3.1 crores

7th day (Thursday)- 2.0 cr.

Entire 1st week- 37 crore

(Friday) 8th day – 1.3 crore

9th day of Saturday – 1.3 cr

{Sunday} 10th day- 1.4 cr

11th day (2nd Monday) – 1 crore

12th day (2nd Tuesday) – 80 lac

13th day (2nd Wednesday) – 75 lac

14th (2nd Thursday) – 60 lac

2nd week total profit- 42.85 crore

15th (2nd Friday) – 50 lac

16th (2nd Saturday) – 40 lac

17th day (2nd Sunday) – 35 lac

3rd week collection- 1.25 crore

Entire 3 weeks prediction- 44.10 crore

The flick is produced by Sunil Lulla and co-producer Dinesh Vijan. Huma Qureshi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui also contributed much in making profit for the film. The film promotions also helped in making good revenue for the movie. Made in a budget of 25 crores the flick has earned more than two times of its production amount. So, this is all about the information of total revenue gathered by the flick.

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