Baby movie 7th day (seventh) Thursday box office collection

Neeraj Pandey directorial Baby movie 7th day (seventh) Thursday box office collection

Baby movie is on its 7th day have gross a box office collection of 3.2 crores. The movie completed its one week from 23rd January to 29th of January 2015. The movie is lead by Akshay kumar and other actors like Anupam kher, Rana daggubati. The film is really having a great income in its intital days. Now, the income is going low everyday because the craze foe every film decrease after some days as many the number of viewers watch it in the startings days so there is no one left in the ending days of 1st week. Then too, the income of 3.5 crores is not less for the flick on the next 7th day. The film has been appraised by the critics so much that the people on the next days of weekend went  fot it and got entertained. Even one of the finest critic of etc channel gave a postive review about it. The seventh day was really fantastic with the seventh day collection. The left audience are still going for the flick as it will be still screened for 1 more week in the cinema theatres.

Baby movie 7th day (seventh) Thursday box office collection

The movie as provided in our previous article is been screened to all India with 3200 cinema theatres.  Akshay kumar the khiladi of bollywood is specially appraised for his acting in the picture and even all other actors have got a optimist evaluation by the viewers.

The film is the next some days if stayed on the cinema will be able to cross the expected amount of 100 crores and will bethe first film to enter in the 1000 crore club in the 2015 year. As this is also the most earned movie of this year till now. Now, we will also provide you the total 1st weekend that is total seven days collection of baby which is about 65 crores. Lets see that will it be able to cross 1 biilion or not.

This was all about the Thursday Box office collection which it reached to 3 crores and 50 lakhs.

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