Baanu Tamil movie review & rating, collection (Banu)

Baanu movie review & rating, box office collection

The new Baanu movie review & rating, box office collection speaks about the film overall re-evaluation where it has gained 2 star rating out of the total 5 rating. The Kollywood industry has got new film starring G. V. Seenu and actress Aishwariya Sant. The film revolves around a story where the actor is brought by a widow mother and she takes care of this child. After growing up elder, he falls in love with a girl and then he gets a surprise when he finds the same girl working in his office. After falling in love with each other, the girls family gets to know all about this and he is sent a far away to keep her away from his love. The rest forms the story of the film till the climax. After reassessing the film, the acting performance of the actors is good and they have given their best in every sequence. The film lacks because of poor story as it is a common story of love between a couples.

Baanu movie review & rating, box office collection

The director is able to showcase the romance and love scene on the screen very well and also is able to make a good film which can be watch once. The actors lack sometimes in dialogue delivery and need drama in it.  The comedy is not up to the mark, the music is not so interesting and as said even the story doesn’t create that good interest while watching it.

After analysing, the verdict for the film can be expressed by saying that the director is successful in bringing out the emotions from actors but lacks in connecting to the audience. Camera work is great but lacks in bringing a interesting screen play. It is a onetime watcher film where you will get to see G V Seenu, Aishwarya Sant, Nassar, Bonda Mani, Nandhinisree and Raj. The director himself is the actor in the film and it revolves around 1 hour and 40 mins in the cinema theatres.

All this was after we have reconsidered the movie and then have given the score or raking to the film. The movie can make a total box office collection around 3 cr.

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