Ayushmann Khurrana tried 9 various hairstyle for Hawaizaada

Ayushmann Khurrana is the lead actor of the Hawaizaada moive. In an interview, he said that this film is very special for him. The movie depicts the 19th century era so the look of ayushmaan in the movie should be according to that era. The costumes used in the movie are designed by Sahil Kochhar who needs to specially work on the colours and fabrics of cloths which matches the 19th century and also according to the availability of such cloths in that era. Also for matching to the look of that time they have tried nine different hairdos to suit as per the era but later on they finally selected Ayushmaan original hairstyle with some minor changes in it. They tried this for both Khurrana and Mithun Chakroborty playing as Pandit Shashtri in the film.

Ayushmann Khurrana tried 9 various hairstyle for Hawaizaada

It was very difficult to redesign Mumbai look of the 1985 with the right costumes. While setting the hairstyle they made many changes in its look with providing specks in his eyes which makes the character simple and intelligent. After trying all the 90’s and 70’s hairdos which dint suit him finally they experimented on its original hairstyle to make it look like that period. His hairs are already curly and having a straight hair doesn’t make a sense according to the movie requirement. So, they have decided to keep it simple and make variations in his original hairdos. At last, they made his hairs curlier from the front side and turning all on the left side from right and keeping less height around ears.

Also, to depict the feel of that time they created some antiques to keep them as property in the location of shooting. They dint use any of the nylon material in the cloths as that was not available in that period of time.

So, finally the hair appearance actor is created 9 various experiments on him.

Hawaizaada film is made under the Reliance Entertainment which is releasing on 30th January.

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