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Arnold Schwarzenegger found dead on 27th Aug is fake news

Arnold Schwarzenegger found dead on 27th August 2015 is fake news

The terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger death hoax is fake news posted by some website The website has posted an article regarding the death of the great body builder and Politian by profession. It posted news about the actor being found dead at his California home. The article spread online all over sudden and received attention from all his fans over the world. This personality is basically known by the super hit movie of all time Terminator. The fake report about his death was posted on 27th of August 2015 which includes information stating that the Police Department of Los Angeles received a call from unknown person calling from his home and reporting them about his fatality. The online portal says that the actor’s body was found on the bed by the police force.

Arnold Schwarzenegger death hoax is fake news

The website even stated that James J Freda, the police chief of Los Angeles says that he was found dead at 9.30 pm on Wednesday but it was false. When his fans posted comments on the news article about the RIP messages, other people got to know that this is false news which is highlighted without any reason.

This is not the first time that he is been a victim of such things as this things have occurred in the past also. It got attention when a facebook page was created by his fans about “RIP Arnold”.

Even other celebrities like Rihanna, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy, Rowan Atkinson, Russell, G. Clooney, R. Martin, Norman Reedus and M. Cyrus have been the victim of such bogus news in past time.

 All this was about the false report which created a buzz in Hollywood and other countries and the fasn got demoralised after hearing this but now all fo them are happy after knowing that this was not true. Please like our facebook page of worlds buzz about daily news and entertainment. Thank you for coming on our way to read our article.

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