Anushka Sharma First look in Bombay Velvet revealed

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Anushka Sharma first look in the Anurag kashyab movie ‘Bombay Velvet’ has revealed. The movie stars Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka, Karan johar, K.K menon and many other actors. The film is based on the book of Mumbai Fables written by Gyan Prakash which explores the 1950’s and 1960’s Mumbai look. Anushka will be seen as a lover of the boxer Johnny balraj. She plays a character of Rossie in the film depicting the costumes of 1950’s. She is given old fashioned look as the movie itself is based on the old times. Rossie is a character of singer who sings songs in the club called ‘Bombay Velvet club’.  Johny Balraj is having a crush on her and she is his love interest in the flick.

Anushka Sharma First look in Bombay Velvet revealed

This picture is releasing on 15th May 2015 where you will get to see her in a completely different look. She is never seen in such a look in all his previous movies so it will be really great to watch her in this character.

Hope you will like the jazz singer played by her. Anushka is recently seen in Pk film and now her fans will again get to watch her after next two months in Anurag kashyab dream project. She is in the lead roles of the flick.

She is very a one piece in the above picture having a hairstyle of 60’s. Also, the outfits she has wear in the picture has something designs on it which clearly depicts the old era. She has caught a mike in his hand for singing a song in the club she works. Even her accessories are depicts that time as you can see the earnings she have in her ears is different and unique with its old design.

Even the production had revealed Ranbir Kapoor look before her.

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