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Andhra Pradesh IPE theory timetable 2015 for 1st, 2nd year

Andhra Pradesh IPE theory timetable 2015 for 1st, 2nd year

We are sharing you the Andhra Pradesh IPE intermediate public examination March 2015 theory timetable for 1st and 2nd year which is also provided on the official website We are providing you over here the following official schedule of your theory exam paper. The office secretary of AP, Rama Sankar Naik has declared the schedule 11th March to 30th of March for the first year and 12th March to 31st of March 2015 for second year. These dates are also applicable for the vocational schedule courses. Before the schedule, there are three oral and practical test conducted for the candidates which are: firstly we have the Ethics and Human papers from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on 28th of January, then we next is Environmental subject on 31st January with same time and last practical test from 12th February to 4th of march at 9.00 am to 12.00 that is the first session and then 2 pm to 5 pm that is second session. You can save this image, photo file of schedule.

Andhra Pradesh IPE theory timetable 2015 for 1st, 2nd year

Intermediate IPE theory timetable for 1st year and 2nd year

The IPE and other examinations are handled and operated under the supervision of Board of Intermediate Education (BIE). So, for the students who are appearing for the upcoming test should get this on their gadgets or by having a click on the picture of schedule. It will open in the next page and then you can take it. If you don’t want to do that, you can bookmark our page on your browser to keep seeing it whenever you need which is as follows below:-

Date and Day1st year timetableDate, Day2nd Year Schedule
11th March,



Part 2:

2nd language paper-1

12th March,


Part 2:

2nd language paper-2

13th March,



Part 1:

English paper – 1

14th March,


Part 1:

English paper – 2

16th March,


Part 3:

Mathematics Paper- 1A

Botany Paper-1

Civics Paper- 1

Psychology- 1 paper


17th March,


Part 3:

Mathematics – 2A

Psychology – 2

Civics – 2

Botany -2

18th March,


Mathematics 1B paper

Paper of History – 1

Paper of Zoology – 1


19th March,


Mathematics -2B

Paper of Zoology- 2

History – 2

20th March,


Physics Paper- 1

Classical Language 1 paper

Economics 1


23rd March,


Economics – 2

Classical Language – 2

Physics – 2

24th March,


Chemistry Paper- 1

Commerce Paper- 1

Sociology Paper- 1

Fine Arts, Music 1 paper


25th March,


Commerce 2

Fine Arts, Music Paper 2Chemistry 2

Sociology  2

26th March,


Geology 1

Home science 1

Public Administration 1

Paper of Logic- 1

Bridge Course Maths -1

(For only B.P.C. Students)


27th March,


Geology Paper- 2

Home science 2

Public Administration 2

Logic – 2

Bridge Course – 2

(Only B.P.C. Students)

30th March,


Modern Language  1

Paper of Geography – 1


31st March,


Geography – 2

Modern Language- 2

This was the AP schedule for March 2015.

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