Ab tak chhappan 2 movie review, Taran adarsh, rating, story, public response

Ab tak chhappan 2 movie review, Taran adarsh, rating, story, public response

Ab tak chhappan is movie is finally released in theatres today on 27th of February 2015 with an acceptance of optimist reviews by the public and even from critics. This film is the sequel of the same title of the current film only a numerical 2 is added in it as it is the part 2 of film. You will get to see Nana Patekar after a long time, Vikram Gokhale, Gul panag, Ashutosh rana and Vikram Gokhale. The film gained 2.5 rating s from 5 stars which is average score for it. Let us now discuss about the review of the film where the story has a good start in the initial part of movie. The actors performance in the film is really commendable especially Nana Patekar where his is looked convincing paying the character of Inspector Sadhu Agashe. The film is based on the real life inspector of Mumbai branch Mr. Dayak Nayak. The film has a start with Nana patekar where he confess by explaining the difference between reality and clarity relating Mohan Agashe the ex commissioner police officer and the others police record his confession from the control room. Now, while confessing all this, everything is shown in the flashback till the end where you will see the whole tale of the film. After all the bad past, he leaves a life of peace with his only son in Goa. The public response for the whole film is also not interesting like the etc channel critic Taran adarsh. The further plot is in the next paragraph.

Ab tak chhappan 2 movie review, Taran adarsh, rating, story, public response

He is happy with his life spending time with his son and on the boat taking to the centres of the sea. So, after some span of time he is called again in the police force for eradicating the underworld criminals but he doesn’t agree to go back. Later on, after getting convinced by his son he gets ready to join the force. Now, he comes in his original police form and starting doing his work dedicatedly. Later on, Gul panag enters in the film where Nana gets to know about a new and shocking truth. Gul Panag plays a character of journalist who is seen average in his performance. She is in search to complete his father’s incomplete tale. She becomes one of the close informer and assistance of Nana.

Now in the next half, after some days his son is killed by the criminals and here he becomes emotional and weak. After this, he takes revenge of his innocent child by encountering killers in the public. The further whole plot is about knowing the reason why his son is killed and the truth behind it. This way the climax of the plot is displayed.

The cinematography of the film is average, even the actors performances don’t even reach to average level. The plot of the film is very poor which is unable to hold the audience on the cinema seats. It has no songs and even the background music of film is not much interesting. The camera should have used properly which would have made the film more connecting. Only one part attract the audience is its action scenes.

Go for the film for its actions scenes. We have only one reason to go for the film in theatres. Taran adarsh gives average star ratings for cinematography, plot narration, sequences and performance of actors.

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