A Man (Sujith Alias Ravinder) says he is a son of Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan

A Man (Sujith Alias Ravinder) says he is a son of Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan

A Man (Sujith Alias Ravinder) says he is a son of Mega star Chiranjeevi: Recently news has gone viral where a man from south has revealed that he is elder son of Chiranjeevi. The whole Tollywood industry is shocked with this coming latest news. The breaking update has made a big twist in the tollywood star life. As you already know Ram Charan is the only son of this hero. But a new guy has raised his voice regarding having relation of father and son with his tollywood star.

Sujith is seen complaining to Human Rights Commission to get right which he deserves as a son. He has complained today in Hyderabad regarding being the eldest son of this great lead actor. After all this, he has undergone for a DNA test and to cross check the news regarding being fake or is it real.

One more shocking update about him is he also declares that the other actor Pawan Kalyan is his younger father. He reveals a picture to the Police commission as a proof of having relation with this actor. He also reveals that even P. Kalyan knows about this fact.

The interesting thing about this is he has said that he have also acted with Chiranjeevi in a super hit film Pasivadi Pranam.

Fans reaction on this following Pawan Kalyan update and Mega Star

After this update has spread about these both actors fans has responded that this is useless and has no value. They react saying that he is doing all this for publicity.

Fans raised a question that why have he approached and revealed this after 28 years if he was already knowing all this. He would have said this before. These star fans have said that his mental condition is not good while some are firing on this person.

So whatever the truth is but this news have really breaks many hearts fans and shocked them. If this is the truth than this is the most annoying thing one can do but o the other side the Mega star have not reacted on this at all. So, let’s wait and watch what happens next in the DNA test, does he prove right or wrong.

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