2015 Delhi Election results

News for 2015 Delhi Election results

Finally the 2015 Delhi Elections results are out and maximum votes are carried away by Aam Aadmi Party. The Aam Aadmi party founded by Arvind Kejriwal who was previously income tax officer came into politics before some years pulls maximum votes from public in the Delhi election held on 8th February 2015. By winning 67 seats out of 70 made his mark in the history of Vidhan sabha that is Assembly election. BJP loosed the voting’s by just achieving 3 seats among 70. Arvind Kejriwal worked really hard for the elections by visiting every house in Delhi and convincing them to give votes to their party. He also said sorry to everyone for the previous time resignation he gave from the Chief Minister. He is expected to complete all his promises this time and that’s why he has received maximum votes. Congress was not able to get even 1 seat and is completely ruined. Public by forgiving him and selecting his party and him as the Chief Minister of Delhi who will be taking oath on 14th February 2015.  The hard work and dedication Of Kejriwal made him to win the elections.

2015 Delhi Election results

Kiran bedi stood  for CM candidate from BJP fails to convince for votes from public. No one is yet able to believe that his party won the elections with such an unexpected and shocking number of seats. The exit polls have announced the prediction before some days that AAP is going to be the victor of the Vidhan Sabha votings. BJP, one of the popular political parties because of not completing his previous promises of Lok Sabha elections dint received much votes from the public.

AAP is declared as the champion and will be ready to form his government in Delhi.  Neither Congress nor any other party received at least one seats among the total 70 Vidhan sabha seats. So, here is the new Chief Minister of Delhi that is Arvind Kejirwal.

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