1st weekend collection of Talvar | Total 3 days collection

1st weekend collection of Talvar | Total 3 days collection

The 1st weekend collection of Talvar is 9.25 crores in total 3 days that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday collection. The movie box office profit is increasing each day by first earning a box office income of 2.50 crores on Friday, Saturday box office 3.50 and third day (Sunday) box office income 3.50 crores. As stated, the movie is away from the commercial cinema and is more focused on realistic Arushi story followed in Noida. The movie Sunday occupancy rate was around 82% which is set to be the third day of release. Because of getting max positive review, the movie box office income is increasing every day. If we evaluate the 3 days box office, the film has earned 2 crores in morning shows, afternoon 3 crores, then evening and night shows it made 4.25 crores. The movie is getting more popular in Indian northern parts of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana states etc. where it is able to generate more box office income compared to other parts. The 4th October income collected by the film is the highest among the 3 days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The film is able to attract and increase it crowd to cinema theaters day by day. Till now the film total box office collection has reached to 9.25 crores according trade analyst Taran adarsh from

1st weekend collection of Talvar, Total 3 days collection

The morning shows of the film generated around 70 lakhs of box office income on third (3rd) day. Then, in afternoon it made 1 crore at box office and till the evening and night shows it gathered a total box office collection of 3.50 crores on Sunday.

Taran adarsh shared Talvar movie total 1st weekend box office collection on tweeter which is 9.25 crores. The film has released on Friday but it has already earned 50 lakhs box office revenue in the preview session released on Thursday. The Thursday preview show revenue gets add in the overall income which is 50 lakhs. Here is the tweet by the trade analyst of three days box office.

The film leaves impact on the audience while coming out of the theatres and that is why the film is appraised by the critics to such a good extent. Meghna Gulza, the director of the film is successful in making a believable and interesting movie which is appreciated by audience and critics. Even the actor’s performance is considered in the review by the public and film critics which helps in earning more box office profit in the opening 1st weekend of film.

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