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100M Years Old Dinosaur Egg gave birth to new baby Dinosaur hatched in Berlin Museum

100M Years Old Dinosaur Egg gave birth to new baby Dinosaur hatched in Berlin Museum

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World’s Official News: Museum of Germany known for his natural history scientists has hatched the world’s first dinosaur egg of the last 100 million years. Scientists at Germany Museum of Natural History in Berlin have marked the world’s first dinosaur egg that have gave birth to a new born Jurassic animal for the first time in the history in over past 100 million years. The animal is born by the help of a malfunction with the Museum Fur heating system, a Gasosaurus egg dating from the Jurassic period ended up hatching.

It was believed that the egg was petrified and it was preserved in a storage room located to the right next of the boiler room. However, when the system started over heating a few weeks ago, it surprising gone under incubation process which lead to a new hatched egg.

Since Hatching, Berlin Zoo is the one where this specimen was transferred so that the secure environment will held scientist to study well on this case. Gunther Warburg who is known as the paleobiologist in this museum, said “It is incredible opportunity for science field. The origin of this species is, it is a Gasosaurus classified as carnivorous tetanuran dinosaur of the therapod family that originates from the country of China.

They were just a history and we just need to study on their accumulated history but now, as a new-born dinosaur is existing, it will be better to know more about it. The scientist feels like they are in Jurassic Park movie. “Some facts related to this species are revealed in the public regarding it its size and weight which is around 41 centimetres tall 11 kilograms of its weight.

Museum Fur was established in 1810 and is known as the largest Museum in the field of Natural History located in Germany. The mineral collection date backs to the Prussian Academy of 1700. The important historic zoo illogical specimens are recovered from the deep sea of German gull dive expedition, south polar and Sunda Expedition.

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