10 Endrathukulla Tamil Movie Review, Rating- Starring Vikram

10 Endrathukulla Tamil Movie Review, Rating- Starring Vikram

Vikram 10 Endrathukulla Tamil movie review, rating can be described in one line “It’s a common stereotype commercial thriller” with receiving 3 star rating. The film analysis states that the film is revolved around road riding. Vikram plays a character of hired driver who can do whatever when it comes to money. His happily living life takes a twist after he offered a job of transferring a wagon (car) from Chennai state to Mussoorie. A question would be raised in your mind that how can transferring car bring twist in his life. Yes, I would like to say that the car has a girl in it where Vikram without knowing the fact accept the transferring job. Where that girl comes from, who is she, what happens further to that girl? Why she is trapped in a car forms the rest of the story. The film if evaluated gets an overall rating of 3 stars by top 10 websites.

10 Endrathukulla Tamil movie review, rating- Vikram

Movie Overall and Technical Evaluation 

Artist Performances

Firstly, Vikram energy last till the climax and is able to perform well with all required emotions in many scenes. He is able to entertain audience and carry the whole film alone with his performance. He as portrayed the character is inspiring with effective dialogues and impressive action sequences.

Secondly, coming to the lead actress Samantha- she performed well and is able to level up Vikram’s performance. She is successfully able to portray a double role whereas the other supporting characters and villain makes the movie more interesting with their effective and great dialogue delivery.

Plus and minus review points

  • Background score positive matching the sequences
  • Interesting and well written screen play
  • Vikram and Samantha acting performance makes the movie interesting
  • Worth watching action scenes.
  • Interval prior part is great

Negative points

  • Predictable and average story plot
  • Dialogues reach to average level
  • Climax could have been written in more better way


The film editing is done by Sreekar Prasad should be definitely appreciable. Cinematography catches the visual clearly. The direction part could have been more effective by Vijay Milton. Music entertains the audience. Action sequences are great.

Final Verdict

10 Endrathukulla Tamil movie will give you high voltage entertainment and you will definitely enjoy the film with comedy, action and drama.

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